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Come to LFC, Jack, and learn up close then...!
17th Jan 2013 23:30
17th Jan 2013 23:36
"He needs to be at liverpool! "
17th Jan 2013 23:43
"Davidorosso, lol. you are too greedy. hahahah. he wont come but would be glad to have him. "
17th Jan 2013 23:50
"A great source of inspiration Jack! You are a brilliant talent who I would like to see wear the Red shirt soon, come to LFC and keep learning from our midfield-maestro!"
17th Jan 2013 23:53
"Dream on kid. There will never be another Steve Gerrard."
18th Jan 2013 0:21
"You're more than welcome to join us Jack! The KOP will welcome you with open arms...we know what your true colour is and it's not gunner red!"
18th Jan 2013 0:36
"we got Conor Coady dont need jack "
18th Jan 2013 0:45
"When does your contract run out...?"
18th Jan 2013 1:00
"Absolute baller! One man team for Arsenal in the cup replay v Swansea. He seems to love his club and wants to stay there but I think he's good enough to play for any club in the world! (Barca included) Class act! Would love to see him and Stevie together for us!"
18th Jan 2013 1:43
"message for jack wilshire (if he ever was to read this), forget the rest come to the best, they are still playing at the stadium with the postcode of L4 0TH,if you want to be the best as any player you name, you be better off joining the club he`s at then you can learn from him better "
18th Jan 2013 3:56
"We need someone to replace Downing, and play on the left wing so that Sterling will play the right wing and shine. Can't say enough about my wish to not having Downing as past of Liverpool. "
18th Jan 2013 5:36
"u cn and learn frm him then succeed him"
18th Jan 2013 5:47
"Wenger will never sell this kid lol his the next Rooney"
18th Jan 2013 6:15
"Gerrard will leave a legacy."
18th Jan 2013 7:08
"Come to LFC, and your balls would be everywhere in the world like Gerrard. :P"
18th Jan 2013 10:02
"well FSG this is a player who fits t=your transfer policy and he wants to learn from the best in the business so if he could be bought then he would be a good player to take over from Gerrard in a few years, alongside Shelvey of course..."