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get somebody in puck u FSG with yo money
17th Jan 2013 14:26
17th Jan 2013 15:00
"LFC is an all-talk, no-action club nowadays!!!"
17th Jan 2013 15:24
"The two people above need a slap back into reality "
17th Jan 2013 16:02
"get him we need a tough defender "
whacko jacko
17th Jan 2013 16:45
"If Diakite is really a good defender n the price valuation n wages are right then sign him. My question is why are we not signing players that manure , aresnal n city , chelsea etc are keen on. And i,m not saying big transfer players, zaha , ba , to name a few. Who,s out there scouting n bringing in the hidden talent. "
17th Jan 2013 16:49
"yes we haave been porous in leaking goals this season but i would blame the midfield especially Joe Allen who is anice player but not strong enough to play the holding midfield role and looses the ball in dangerous positiond consistantly."
17th Jan 2013 16:57
"cont the midfield offers little r no protection to the back four and always allow players to run at them and make inroads into dangerous areas.we really need a hard man in there. "
17th Jan 2013 17:27
"£659k as salary wage for Diakitè? It's a misery for a so good defender, get him and give him what he deserves!"
17th Jan 2013 20:17
""whacko jacko", you mean players like michu? the problem is not signing those scouted by manutd,ars or chelsea, its scouting and signing the right players that fit and would have immediate impact at LFC."
18th Jan 2013 0:55
"Bondy9, Allen started the season well and now playing poorly.Lucas not the same after injury."
18th Jan 2013 1:08
"whining bunch of losers. Get a grip"
18th Jan 2013 1:12
"you will have to excuse the whacko, he wants us to sign hidden talent but in the same breath says sign the players ManUre and chelse are scouting. Well then they wouldn't be hidden talents now would they? Dumba(s)s"
18th Jan 2013 6:00
"This would be a good buy. But thats all we can say for now"
18th Jan 2013 6:56
"just forget it more signing this winter.we would never buy bargain players.our policy is to buy young average over priced british players.Brilliant, experienced,bargain players will never come to LFC.Its a fact!we buy players high and sell them for less a season later without giving them a chance.we are going nowhere slowly"
18th Jan 2013 9:21
"soccerfreak0410 I think its hilarious that you can come out with a comment like that. These are rumours, take them with a pinch of salt. No action club?? In the last 24 months we have signed so many players it unreal (just some of them are average) and a new manager (who is bringing some stability to the club, rome was not built in a day give him time) think before you type."
18th Jan 2013 10:44
"get behind fsg,get behind br and start supporting the team...otherwise go support the s...when any of you so called fans put near 500 million into lfc and save the club from administration, come back and critisise,,enough said!!!! ynwa"
18th Jan 2013 11:58
"If Lfc have richer owner..."
18th Jan 2013 22:23
"make the move on viktor valdes from barcalona!!"
19th Jan 2013 1:22
"Norwegian defender signs for Southampton. FSG won't sign Forren players :-)"