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Just get a winger not some striker who is off to play the African cup
10th Jan 2013 12:13
10th Jan 2013 12:33
"Maxccouser Senegal aren't in the cup of nations this year. Also we don't need a winger or midfield player we already have far to many. what we need is more forwards and his statistics are very impressive. What we need is a player who knows where the back of the net is and he certainly does YNWA"
10th Jan 2013 12:44
"Senegal aren't in the African Cup of Nations this year"
10th Jan 2013 12:45
"Moussa Sow is a cracking player and goalscorer,he would be an excellent signing for our club.I wish we already had him to play against Man Utd this weekend. "
10th Jan 2013 13:13
"these are kinda players we should be linked with and i like the wording "Liverpool have offered â"
10th Jan 2013 13:18
"these are kinda players we should be linked with and i like the wording "Liverpool have offered â"
10th Jan 2013 13:40
"This article is smelly."
10th Jan 2013 13:48
10th Jan 2013 13:57
"Zzzzzzzz last years news"
10th Jan 2013 14:42
"His arrival would definitely sow the seed for CL qualification."
10th Jan 2013 14:52
"It's about a talented goal poacher, but for me we should not exceed the number of centre forward and concentrate to strenghten the wings and the midfield! We need a winger/AM more experienced than Suso and Sterling, and a defensive midfielder as backup for Lucas! I said that yet plenty of times Ronaljudiho!"
11th Jan 2013 2:25
"This is a good idea. He has got the goals in him. I was disappointed when he left Lille for Turkey."
11th Jan 2013 2:32
"Incidentally, we do need another mature striker (Sow? Wilfried Bony? Fernando Llorente? Darren Bent?) as well as a mature rightwinger (Sofiane Feghouli? Bryan Ruiz? Dries Mertens? Navas?) Thomas Ince is one for the future, and he should never have left. I see Daniel Pacheco and Suso playing in central midfield ahead of Jordan Henderson and even Joe Allen."
11th Jan 2013 2:33
"We do have have our own David Silva's, Santi Cazorla's and Juan Mata's; we just don't play them. "
12th Jan 2013 22:01
"why signhim when if we need a cover striker there is an italian lad man utd now available his name is federico macheda..better him "