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Come to a BIG club will never look back.
1st Jan 2013 11:39
1st Jan 2013 11:42
"Don't get this guy, he is not worth it. Move on to Eriksen, Sneijder or Xavi Alonso as a backup midfielder as we do want 4th place. These are priorities, Gameiro is also a great attacking option. Despite what you fickle fans believe, Sturridge is a brilliant buy. No Thomas Ince, he is not great for us and our squad."
1st Jan 2013 11:50
"Spurs again...I really hate them!!!"
1st Jan 2013 11:51
"don't make us pip from spurs BR! It's about a great talent who we could play as right winger in our line-up and give Raheem some breath! Try to get him BR & FSG! "
1st Jan 2013 11:54
"get him !!! dont allow spurs to beat us to him as well "
1st Jan 2013 11:57
"gameiro,sturridge,mertens and possibly sneijder this window then tie eriksen to pre contract agreement until summer"
1st Jan 2013 12:05
"some of you really needs to get more realistic, as things are right now spurs is more attractive for players than LFC, BR has said we wont buy massively in january 1or maybe 2 good signings that we would be able to get, Id like to see Honda come"
Papa Syed
1st Jan 2013 12:13
"Spurs again?????!!!!!! Fight on LFC to get him. We are the envy of every other club in PL! Dont be fooled again by them! It's getting on my nerve repeats! YNWA Redmen!"
1st Jan 2013 12:19
"Is understandable as LFC is Spurs' scouting network... What I don't understand is where spuds get their money from?!"
1st Jan 2013 12:19
"Try playing mind games with spurs. Launch an audacious bid for Bale. "
1st Jan 2013 12:21
"20 mn pounds for bale."
1st Jan 2013 12:22
"Spurs... I hate them! especially AVB."
Champions Of Europe
1st Jan 2013 13:04
"Why worry too much about what Spurs do, they sneaked Dempsey & Sigurdson from us in the last window; ask the Spurs fans how that's working out for them."
1st Jan 2013 14:21
"Holtby is he same as Sigurdson, and he is rubbish. Spurs will lose Bale for certain to Real Madrid. A 50-80 million bid is being made. Some news, Anzi Mack. made a bid for Messi for 225 million, but Ronaldo is going to Man UTD."
1st Jan 2013 14:28
"Ha ha... I do hope spuds lose Bale, this window if possible..."
1st Jan 2013 20:31
"1.suarez sturridge downing gerrard lucas shelvey enrique johnson skrtel agger butland 2.villa suso sterling henderson allen assaidi sahin carra coates wisdom reina yeah we need villa and sturridge gameiro will be great too. happy new year redmen YNWA"
1st Jan 2013 22:21
"Is it me or do spurs just piggy back of our scouting??? "
2nd Jan 2013 4:25
"were is he going to play for spurs??? The got dembele, Sigurdsson, Dempsey etc. The already swooped for Sigurdsson last minute. Why would Holtby want to join them?"
2nd Jan 2013 11:28
"U r a merseysider so come to LFC u will get plenty of playing time."