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Of course LS is the best, but unless we get some petrodollars coming our way or FSG spends in a big way to get 3 technically gifted stars now, we will lose players like LS as we will never make it to CL or be serious PL contenders. Stop the viscous circle NOW!
31st Dec 2012 9:12
31st Dec 2012 9:18
"the welsh xavi??? i hope so :) YNWA reds top 4 2013 here we come!!"
31st Dec 2012 9:48
"I really think the rest did you good Joe... One fact about the first half is that we didn't let them play...... We let Stoke play and they dealt with us....the pressure off the ball was really great in the firsthalf..... No need talking about Luis!"
31st Dec 2012 9:50
"I said before and say it again. It's going to be a long and bumpy road. Good result yesterday. Well done lads. We will get cl. Maybe not this season but defo next but a welcome bonus if we do. I think the players can see this and that's why they signing new contracts. Go for it in 2013. Please keep the faith with BR."
31st Dec 2012 9:51
"Luis has just been brilliant as pundits, press have said and could be PL player of the season.Hoping he will want to stay at LFC end of season but as long results go right way for 4th he certainly will.Just over half way in season and its not impossible as work still in progress.Keep the faith and positive for the rest of season and back the team. (That includes BR and FSG)."
31st Dec 2012 10:15
"this season we have never lost a EPL match in which suarez has scored. he scored 8 PL goals away from anfield. he rescued us 3 times to a draw against sundeland, newcastle, chelsea "
31st Dec 2012 10:15
"I've watch suarez play a lot and i notice when he is not selfish, serve other gud ball then he is unstoppable.When you play for others and not for your own glory you will definetely succeed"
31st Dec 2012 10:23
"Agree with you Joe, Luis Suarez is a magician and when he plays in day like yesterday he's unstoppable, but I am as much as convinced that had he play against QPR any week he would score 60 goals a season!, doubtless! So we have to keep in consideration the threat offered by our opponent yesterday... "
31st Dec 2012 10:24
" the way Luis is a magician as you say. I fear that we will lose him if we won't reach CL football, this is my opinion YNWA Luis Suarez"
31st Dec 2012 10:27
"heard we are chasing Sneijder..would be great news!! we need players who can get the best out from luis,gifted players who think just like him..sometimes i feel he get depressed to deal with sterling and henderson's inexperience... "
31st Dec 2012 10:29
"We can't afford to loose him. Hi should have the arm band When Stive not playing. And Henderson had really good game , downing as well looks like KD singing coming to life. Happy new year to all. "
31st Dec 2012 10:32
"Well said IAM4LFC. The big bucks will be on the table for him next month. I wouldn't blame him for leaving if all Rodgers and FSG are considering buy are cast o. He is the best player in the Premiership."
31st Dec 2012 10:34
"no doubt there will be offers thrown in for him in the summer, offers in the neighborhood of 50 million. if fsg advisers are lfc supporters at all they must make it clear to henry and co what luis means to this club right now (just about everything) "
31st Dec 2012 11:11
"I just dread to think where we would be in the table without suarez! For me he is in the top 4 in the world with messi, ronaldo and falcao which is amazing as he doesn't have the quality of team mates that they have."
31st Dec 2012 11:13
"Luis Suarez is more worth than 60 million,i think that he cost 2014 100 million,he have not been showed his best even yet."
31st Dec 2012 11:18
31st Dec 2012 11:38
"hard to believe we had fans on here saying LS was our problem and should be dropped, hes simply the best better than all the rest better than everyone need i go on?YNWA"
31st Dec 2012 11:49
"Dont think we need a cb 2 cf's definitely we got cara coates skrtl agger kelly wisdom sama all for cb position."
31st Dec 2012 12:30
"if we get schneider...we could rise up 25% !!!"
31st Dec 2012 12:31
"Win one, lose one, win one, lose one. Mid-table results, mid-table manager, mid-table players - FSG: well done!"
31st Dec 2012 12:42
"we not after sneijder or players of that elk so stop dreaming reds."
31st Dec 2012 12:54
"Come on the reds!!!"
31st Dec 2012 13:29
31st Dec 2012 13:31
"redopm. He is good, Sometimes unbelievable but he can still improve his game and the overall team performance. Its no good looking magnificent when there was a simple pass to play rather than smashing it wide. Id love to see Luis stay here but I wont be afraid to criticise him if I think he let the team down."
31st Dec 2012 13:41
"On a positive note though, His workrate is second to none and he's worth his pay packet alone for the sheer entertainment factor! Its like watching Punch and Judy all rolled into one."
Gerrard o ya beauty
31st Dec 2012 13:47
"Yes joe luis is Amazing, but I hate being a one man team cos he is head and shoulders above everyone, no 1 is on the same wave length as him. I can't believe Gerrard tried to place the ball when Suarez pulled it back to him yesterday, you put your laces through it every time, he tried to side foot it past 6 QPR players and keeper! Come on stevie you'v got one of the best shots in the world! YNWA "
31st Dec 2012 14:01
"suarez is the only played worth his wages af pool right now and he works hard. he never stops running. if only we had kthrr players with his heart. all the players who dont have his skills should work twice as harder"
31st Dec 2012 14:07
"On his day Luis Suarez is up there with the best in the world. Now he needs a bit of support and that means that we need a goal poacher for him to play with upfront to ease the goal burden on him."
31st Dec 2012 14:08
"I know this article is about LS, but I agree with Gerrard O Ya Beauty comments, why is Stevie so tentative on his shots, a noticeable trend. He's trying to place the ball instead of drilling it into the back of the net. LFC fans have to be scratching their heads, will the real team please stand up? Please put a string of victories together. "
31st Dec 2012 14:55
"Buddha. He has played more minutes than any other striker this season if i'm not correct. So what you mean is youre happy when it doesnt come off? So youre happy with the 7 wins out of 20 this year as youd prefer to see a kid in a park? If im not mistaken there is no I in team?"
31st Dec 2012 14:58
"Im for lfc. Its "vicious" and I dont think Henry has had a single "petrodollar" in his life. He made his fortune out of hedge funds unlike an oil sheikh. Just enjoy the win friend and dont worry, Henry knows better than most, you gotta speculate to aculate, but that doesnt mean hes going to throw cash at a problem either."
31st Dec 2012 14:59
"People are too quick to defend him like the parents of a criminal child. If he doesnt get criticised he will never change. Dont get me wrong, i like his passion and determination, but a bit more trust and awareness of players around him and a little less arrogance will go a long way."
31st Dec 2012 15:03
"Ob gerrard is getting used to his new role as deeper lying midfielder and its perhaps curtailing his swashbuckling style a bit. thats prob why he is tentative with his shooting which for him is an instinctive thing being an attacking mid player. he getting used to his new role and also with our poor recent form he perhaps overthinks, when the simple option would do better."
31st Dec 2012 15:07
"Luis is the whole package. You either take it all or nothing. There can be none of 'well lets have some of his passion, bit none of his arrogance' which would prob turn into an avergae player and we too many of those already at lfc. Most real winners, leaders, have that slight arrogance about them, its what keeps them on top. Long may luis remain as he is at the Liverpool Football Club!"
SGM 73
31st Dec 2012 15:09
"redahendo, I disagree. Most people learn lessons themselves & gain experience through mistakes. But 99.999% of the elite sports people I work with in my job literally don't give a monkeys what people say about them... They are multimillionaires with incredible self belief. The value of slgging player off is minimal and in fact, counterproductive."
31st Dec 2012 15:12
"SGM73, I dont think theres anyway that LS will find out what were talking about on here anyway given his poor english for a start but dont you think Luis can improve? He just seems as if he will carry on as he is as he normally gets praised for whatever he does, whether its diving, cheating whatever. (contd)"
31st Dec 2012 15:15
"He is a Peter Pan in most respects, a child who doesnt want to grow up, this is part of what we love about him but I just feel IMAO that he sometimes lets his team down by craving the attention."
Papa Syed
31st Dec 2012 15:25
"need more firepower come tomorrow with Luis! happy new year!"
31st Dec 2012 15:27
"redahendo, I was teasing, chill. I am still deliriously happy about our win. Suarez is an unbelievable players we are lucky to have him. We better hurry up and advance up the table before we lose him and then we will definitely be in huge trouble. "
31st Dec 2012 15:30
"redahendo, what Hendo thread? "
31st Dec 2012 15:36
"Buddha, I think your Hendo firewall must have kicked in. To anyone else its at the top as "Jordan - How I beat Buddha""
31st Dec 2012 15:38
"yes redah i agree but our midfield is backward at coming forward to support him, when u watch his workrate compared to rvp he is incredable rvp lets others do the work then he scores."
31st Dec 2012 18:00
"Joe, you are a good player but you are about 20% behind expectations and last years performances. Work harder up your game and help out Luis with some service and chip in a goal or 2. Cause Luis won't score every game. Was hoping your "rest" would help out but honestly you were nonexistent yesterday."
31st Dec 2012 18:10
"to SMG73, I work with the very elite sportsman my field, and unfortunately they are fragile creatures, hence why they pay people like me to motivate and guide them, however they use criticism mostly as fuel to power them forward,however few are crippled by it!"
31st Dec 2012 18:14
"to smg73, I dont think you work with elite sports people, as for one your statistics are wrong, secondly, whether they are a millionaire does not come into it, money does not give confidence, it gives arrogance mostly. "
31st Dec 2012 18:49
"luis suarez is the kind of player that every fan of every other club hates on and wishes they had him in their team. just look at how many times when asked opposition fans say the liv player they worry about is suarez, now we need to deliver in the tw "
31st Dec 2012 18:57
"Suarez is a street fighter who is bl00dy determined to get through all that is in his way, half the time his tenacity pays off but sometimes he looks like he's on a 1 man mission to get to the goal at the expense of his team mates, who could help him and us get even more goals. Suarez needs to bring that awareness and trust in the team into his game to reach the next level ie: Messi."
31st Dec 2012 21:45
"Henderson moves like on fire same as Sammy Lee was years ago.Nearly one of starting-team man,but good when comes bench he gives and run like hell on long when he is tired,he tries and run that is the most important..but he gets better im sure about that."
31st Dec 2012 22:10
"REDAHENDO 15.12 think suarez hasn't cheated or dived last couple games so maybe he has learnt. his 2nd goal he tried passing to sterling but didnt give up and was rewarded. his commitment is 100% and i wouldnt change him in any way. he is having his best season and if team mates improve have every chance of CL as we will have good 2nd half of season. YNWA "
31st Dec 2012 22:14
"CONT how you can say you feel he has let team down on occassions is unreal. he is the one player who has kept us in touch with top half. maybe when new signings are in you will get the improvements you'd like. i look forward to rest of season and am optomistic we will get CL. i believe. YNWA"
31st Dec 2012 22:24
"KINGOFCLUBS 18.57 agree but also follow that with REDOPM 15.38. there are many opinions that differ but also ring true. lets hope luis takes the best of it all and then he would benefit LFC even more. think luis will be on score sheet again on wed. 3-0 com on you reds. YNWA"
Billy B girl
31st Dec 2012 22:43
"You are fantastic Luis - only hope we get world class players so we can get CL football if not, can't blame you if you go! Note for Allen and BR - let LFC fans tell you you're the next Xabi !!"
31st Dec 2012 23:00
"so glad to see mostly positive posts tonight.BOWLSY, RUNCORNLEO KIDOFKOP RAJUSA,REDOPM, KINGOFCLUBS, SGM73 LONEWAR to name a few. happy new year to all LFC fans but especially the ones who believe we are building for the good times to return and know patience is required. be proud of yourselves. YNWA & J4T96"
1st Jan 2013 0:05
1st Jan 2013 1:36
"Suarez arrogant? Selfish? Are you serious? Then what can it be said of Ronaldo? Who never gave anything for his National Team...You want to get the best out of Luis? Just watch Uruguay play and learn how to get the best out of him! Now, there's a TEAM...Never heard anyone slashing Henry for cheating his way to the W.C. OH!! yeah...he's French! He is enled to get away with it"
1st Jan 2013 1:58
"I know LS has some selfish moments, but thats what a true striker does.. I don't mind that. I thought Sterling looked very weak in the QPR game, especially in the first half. LS gave him the ball time and time again, and Sterling kept coughing it up. Sterling looks tired to me. I'm anxious to see what Sturridge will bring to the mix. It should also light a fire under Sterling. YNWA"
1st Jan 2013 4:18
"gerrard missed a gerrard shot.. the nets wide open and steve loves to do the pigeion corner of the net..yet he went for a low drill with 4 defenders..suarez did that sly poke for his 2nd.. i can feel luis is thrilled there will be someone to help bring the firepower"
1st Jan 2013 4:21
"gerrard played his best game since he beat man city in the cup 1-0 ..he was everywhere was shooting defending...doing the gerrard of old...i hope these windows we bring in reinforments who will bring captain steves true potential out..that qpr game felt like the entire2008/09 season in the first half.. cont"
1st Jan 2013 4:23
"crushing the team in the first control..unstopable onslaught ..and keeping the kop bouncing and liverpudlians around the world bouncing and screaming the wont be a long way..but im here till im dead..relegated..non leauge football or lords of england..liverpool is only for"
1st Jan 2013 8:05
"Totally class player, not sue he is up there with Messi Falcao and Ronaldummyo but certainly on the next level down. What is outstanding about all those players, commitment passion and hard work as well as technique. The rest of the squad could learn from that. Make him captain."
1st Jan 2013 8:15
"LS is a genius, a masterclass, a true artist at work and more over HE LOVES LFC.I am not worried about him leaving if we don't make CL. No club will love him like LFC have shown.Remember Evragate. NB: We found Kenny when Keegan went, we found Aldo when Rushie went.....we are LFC. There will always be someone BIG out there who want to say that they have played for LFC."