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And play well you did, Jordan. You have recently changed two games coming off the bench and you were solid yesterday? Top quality and good for our future.
31st Dec 2012 8:43
31st Dec 2012 9:05
"Well done Jordan! Nice one! YNWA"
31st Dec 2012 9:13
"you are a great player hendo YNWA"
31st Dec 2012 9:21
"delighted for Henderson, he did have a good game, and did look unwell going off, I've said it before this lad will be good, he is captain of Emgland u21's and has scored a few goals for them,Kenny bought him and consatly played out of position, hope it works out for him."
31st Dec 2012 9:23
"Definitely a great future prospect the club. Hope BR realizes that, He's a top player."
31st Dec 2012 9:33
"A good winbut they were a very poor excuse for a football team.Lets start beating the other top half sides too."
31st Dec 2012 9:40
"You played your role yesterday.... Welldone Hendo"
31st Dec 2012 9:47
"Henderson did do well the only person I am not sure of at this time of moment is young suso he is not ready for th big time so we need to find a player to fill the position he plays in ok"
31st Dec 2012 10:07
"Carry on improving Jordan and you'll become a great player."
31st Dec 2012 10:12
"I think compare to lucas henderson moves more which give opportunity to go forward whereas lucas tend to sit a bit in the middle where we will lack attacking but each has their advantage and disadvantage but i will choose creativity."
31st Dec 2012 10:26
"Curlylocks. Rainbowman is enled to his opinion even though he is 100% wrong. I know how it feels when halfwits and no marks have a pop when they disagree. The ones who should be at Chelsea are the fools that think everything in the garden is rosy. Beating QPR was good, but I am still furious at the Villa display. The ground was emptying like I have never seen before."
31st Dec 2012 10:30
"Having that in mind: Jordan played really well. Keep it up. YNWA"
31st Dec 2012 10:32
"Well done Jordan. Thought you had a great game. What spirit as well, could think of a few players in the Premiership who would have cried off. YNWA"
31st Dec 2012 10:34
"still congrats for last performance Hendo! think that play in the final third behind the strikers suits to you and hope some other times will be tried this line-up, specially against low-mid table sides as QPR! Of course I hope you and Stew Downing will stay after january and try to contribute to enter in the top 4 the club! Anyway we need immediate investments YNWA Hendo & Happy New Year"
31st Dec 2012 10:35
"So there Buddha! LOL"
31st Dec 2012 11:00
"Henderson is a far better contributor to our Team than "Teachers pet" Allen.. "
31st Dec 2012 11:09
"Red Bart I agree with you I go to games I watch him but he is really poor in my opinion I wish he could prove me wrong but I don't think so we need more quality in the first team I respect hendo he tries but he's not good enough I hope he proves me wrong because we spent £16M on him "
31st Dec 2012 11:11
"great to see players starting to want to run through walls for the team. lets get some consistance. ynwa "
31st Dec 2012 11:17
"Please lads, make it a new year gift on wednesday...THIS IS ANFIELD!"
31st Dec 2012 11:28
"I have never doubted your ability on the ball. On your day, you're a match for any good mid-field but, your lack of speed calls for worry. However, I prefer you to tens of Allen! Honestly!!"
31st Dec 2012 11:59
"I have been quite critical of this lad and still think there is a long way to go before he is really at his peak, still needs to learn to tackle with a bit more menace to get the ball back but he is going in the right direction, keep trying hard lad."
31st Dec 2012 12:03
"Sometimes (we) fans have to look at the potentiality of the player not at his current form. Lucas Leiva got a lot of sticks the other time. No one wants to loose him(Lucas)now. Hendo is passing the same road you guys, I am afraid one day you will chew your own words. GO ON HENDO, YOU HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BECOME ONE OF LFC LEGENDS "
31st Dec 2012 12:37
"take some heart from Lucas, he didn't have the best of starts to life at LFC, but he persisted, and has become integral to the team. keep working hard and you too will become an important and popular member of our club"
31st Dec 2012 12:42
"Maybe another Lucas in the making , he seems to have the mentality to keep going when all around make fun of him. I am hoping he comes good, we need the next Steve G. Though there will never be another Steve G, we need someone who can at least be good enough to replace him. Keep working Hendo, you could be a legend yet."
31st Dec 2012 12:44
"I know you wouldnt believe it from my name but I actually quite like this guy!Well played hendo, weve got a few characters in our team who put the effort in now.I think when you play it normally gees everyone up, you are the pendulum. "
31st Dec 2012 12:54
"work hard Hendo"
31st Dec 2012 12:59
"The other point to make really is that I could see why KD was playing in him on the right. Although it didnt work last season, with the correct structure I think he could be effective. Our problem at the moment is we hold the ball up rather than getting it in the mixer. Hendo could flash balls in from the right if we have the correct striker to finish the job off. IMAO! "
31st Dec 2012 13:01
"Well played Jordan! You will never walk alone ! "
31st Dec 2012 13:51
"You were great Hendo! Keep working hard and I love you :D Good luck & YNWA"
31st Dec 2012 13:51
"You were great Hendo! Keep working hard and I love you :D Good luck & YNWA"
Gerrard o ya beauty
31st Dec 2012 14:25
"Good game Jordan, keep it going u can't afford to have a bad game at LFC. Also I wish LFC would pull there finger out and go get Demba Ba, this player is well worth the money, he's big and strong, can hold the ball up, can head, can shoot but more importantly can score goals! he's the missing piece in our team. Wake up LFC and start the talks! YNWA "
31st Dec 2012 14:47
"Where are all the naysayers hiding? prob waiting for the supposedly inevitable loss to come to come out in force, buncha lily-livered coyotes."
Dede 7
31st Dec 2012 14:48
"Henderson played well though there were signs of tired legs in the second half. Suarez is classic."
31st Dec 2012 14:49
"If nothing else I hope we have sturridge for sunderland. Should give us a real fighting chance. YNWA"
31st Dec 2012 14:51
"I have a feeling most of the neg comments come from trolls of other clubs mostly mane pretending to be lfc fans. There more neg comments when we lose than good ones when we win! something wrong in that, methinks."
SGM 73
31st Dec 2012 15:01
"RainbowMan: So in your opinion the England U21 captain is a "really poor" player???? Maybe it's you who doesn't know what he's talking about, rather than the England, Sunderland and Liverpool coaches? You just sound stupid saying comments like that after several good performances in a row and a 3 nil win. "
Papa Syed
31st Dec 2012 15:19
"keep it up mate and be more ruthless!!!! well done! IMO, don't do that jaywalking walk of yours always..minimize it and give that Stevie G body cranking movement instead. Then, you can see your confidence shoots through the roof! sharing my experience as a sports performance enhancement counselor, by changing your movement style will do wonders to your overall performance. Try it! YNWA!"
31st Dec 2012 15:25
"You were outstanding Hendo! keep working like that and you will have a long future as a Red! we could all see the effort you put in and as fans that's all we ask! Class Lad "
31st Dec 2012 15:26
"Not too clever, Jordan & club doctors. Norovirus can spread like wildfire, you should have been in isolation for 48 - 72 hrs & not risked the rest of the team."
31st Dec 2012 15:28
"Keep going boy. Would be great to see you mature enough to get the out of teams like MU, Chelsea, Arsenal, TOT, EVE, MC and the like. Will be delighted to on the days these teams fear your mere presence on the field. YNWA"
31st Dec 2012 15:29
"Also, off topic i know, but why do we get charged for every little video at the minute!? not good when you're coming on and having to sign up to watch us loose at home to villa etc. come on sort it out! man city won the league and have hours of really good videos and its ALL FREE! so why are we getting charged for sub-standard videos etc? rant over YNWA "
31st Dec 2012 15:36
"redahendo. I found it!!!. Well I am not going to be a party p o o per and say anything inflammatory, but did you look at SG face when Hendo whipped the ball off an oncoming SG blaster yesterday, priceless, lol. "
Gordon Ottershaw
31st Dec 2012 15:41
"Well said SGM, rainbowman is another red art type no idea and no real supporters of LFC? They need kicking out of these comments. All they do is negative and ignorant comments. We don not want the, here .,we are true supporters who car and love our club. "
31st Dec 2012 15:53
"I would rather see you on than Shelvey. No comparison for me in these two players. YNWA"
31st Dec 2012 15:53
"I would rather see you on than Shelvey. No comparison for me in these two players. YNWA"
31st Dec 2012 15:53
"I would rather see you on than Shelvey. No comparison for me in these two players. YNWA"
31st Dec 2012 16:11
"I've never doubted your capability Jordan and you will get better in time!...remember how long it took for everyone to love LUCAS? ;D YNWA!"
31st Dec 2012 16:12
"I´v had your name on my Liverpool shirt from day one and I know I will for many years to come. Keep working hard and bring your work rate to every game and the rest will come naturaly. Good luck in 2013"
31st Dec 2012 16:21
"Jordan plays well in the middle, he is a center midfield player and a very good one. But he is not a defender or a winger. Brendan is playing the lads in theyre preferred positions so he is getting them to top themselves wich is good. Jordan will be excellent in the future, future captain of England."
31st Dec 2012 17:01
"It seriously warms my heart to see the many positive comments for Hendo today. I've always thought he has skills and gives 110% every game.Nice one Jordan!"
31st Dec 2012 17:02
"lost13- Everyone is ent!tled to their opinion but You are a nasty little person.It's not been great but your comment is vile.I would put 'get' in front of your user name."
31st Dec 2012 17:08
"lost13 We have this situation because we didn't buy a couple of good players in the summer. We have been dire against Stoke and Villa but that was due to wrong tactics and not players. We were light weight against Teams like Stoke. We need to beef up some of our players like Suso, Sterling ETC..You are not worthy to support with comment like yours."
31st Dec 2012 17:14
"Fantastic game Hendo....well played. You have come thru in leaps and bounds. You remind me of Lucas....who had to do it the hard way to earn the respect of the LFC faithful. You have taken more than your fair share of stick. Unfortunately we are very demanding of our team....time is our biggest enemy at present. Your ATUDE is what we love. You wanna matter. PRECIOUS MAN."
31st Dec 2012 17:16
"We are missing a playmaker like Alonso and players like Kuyt and Maxi who can be relied on to come off the bench and make an impact. Look at what Hernandez does for Manure when needed. This transfer window is a must to get the right players in."
31st Dec 2012 17:17
"Hendo will come really good for us, he has became a dedicated Red through and through, loves the fans and the club, will be another Lucas and could become one of the best utility players this club has ever had YNWA Jordon"
31st Dec 2012 17:34
"Hendo has a lot of energy and the fighting spirit that needs to be channeled and rubbed off on other players. Currently our players do well in either the first half or the second and think its a 45 min game. Shanks used to say the game is not over until the final whistle. We need that spirit now!!"
31st Dec 2012 17:45
"played well jordan just hope you didnt pass the bug on to the other players"
31st Dec 2012 18:08
"hendo has the character and with more confidence he can be the fulcrum of this team for years to come, certainly on current form has to start ahead of allen or shelvey. he just gives everything he has and that has to be the kind of requirement set down to get into the team."
31st Dec 2012 18:17
"There is something special about a person who can take all the crap that's thrown at them and they still fight on regardless to achieve their eventual respect and admiration, particularly with young guys like Jordan. It takes real strength of character and faith to do this. Stick at it Jordan YNWA "
31st Dec 2012 18:21
"Happy New Year to everyone (even Buddha and LDW!) "
31st Dec 2012 18:26
"I think Downing and Stering were a bit too quiet in this match. I like to see Stering plays on the right, and Downing play as the left winger. Downing is natural left-hand, only he lacks of courage and block him from flying. So far we can't pass the fast ball from the wing. Jonhson and Jose are not precisely delivering the ball."
31st Dec 2012 20:57
"Sunderland can be a real Banana skin, keep our nerve and discipline or we could get turned over, they will be happy enough to take a point home with them but they could take 3 if we play sloppy stuff like in the infamous Villa match."
31st Dec 2012 21:16
"Happy new year everyone especially redahendo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
31st Dec 2012 22:37
"Not sure what so special about this lad,hope he proves me wrong"
Billy B girl
31st Dec 2012 22:44
"Jordan always thought you looked a great player as watched you in under 21's! not your fault we paid too much but just believe in yourself now and the fans will back you YNWA"
31st Dec 2012 22:49
"Henderson look-alike Sammy Lee years ago.When he comes bench he gives all from him.And its most important when player got chance on field to improve.Henderson gets better all the time and we will see it.He is like Bull but good-bull-one.Lets see what future brings to him and fans."
31st Dec 2012 23:21
"Well done hen do. Other players would have ducked out of the game altogether but you know how important it is to use your chances wisely. Good win, good goals, great away support. Bring on 2013. Happy new year everyone. Let's make it a red one! YNWA"
Rocky Wright
1st Jan 2013 0:55
"Well Played JH14 Hope More Performances like this happen and from evry one in the team YNWA !!! looking gd 4 2013 top 4 a possiblity if we ply with the same tempo intensity and creativty like we did vs qpr we shd easily get top 4 we are liverpool football club we best team in the world YNWA 4 LIFE JTF 96 !!!"
1st Jan 2013 7:52
"There is no doubt he has potential like many of the younger players in the squad and the only way to gain experience is by playing. Just because a player is young does not mean he should be barred-if you look at the big clubs abroad age is no bar to anything. Give him and the rest of the team a chance cont. "
1st Jan 2013 7:53
"Cont. Yes we have had a few bad results (but only maybe 3) and drawn a few games we should have won perhaps due to luck ref decisions but this will happen with any developing team, they have to learn the hard way. We can no longer have instant success cont."
1st Jan 2013 7:56
"Cont. We dont have the money for instant success anymore and RH, KD both had 6 months each and failed to achieve anymore than BR has done, in fact BR has done aa great deal better by lowering the age of the squad and this will continue. Be patient-we may not get anywhere this season and even next season may only see slow progress but it will come if you stick with the team "
1st Jan 2013 11:07
"Never doubt this kid since he arrived from Sunderland. He just need more confidence that's all. I've seen him fired up and he's the old beast of Gerrard. Btw, love the pic of Suarez with hendo."