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Hope things change quickly before stars like suarez leave.. For Suarez shake other players please perform well. YNWA...
28th Dec 2012 14:42
28th Dec 2012 14:43
"Everyone is in good condition.Except owners Coaches and mentaly to give a hell in pitch for team and the fans."
28th Dec 2012 14:44
"Good. Come on lads lets have have a big performance for yourselves and the fans. Fight for the three points, dig in and lets make 2013 a year to be proud of...YOU CAN DO IT!! YNWA "
28th Dec 2012 14:46
"3 points.... Nothing else will do, less talking from the team and coaching staff and make a statement by your actions on the pitch....."
28th Dec 2012 14:47
""He's been playing with a bad ankle for a couple of weeks". Very sensible BR."
28th Dec 2012 14:54
"I mentioned this a few months back. If we can somehow finish in the top 6 by January, then add a couple of attacking minded players, I will have faith that we can claim that 4th spot come May. A must win against both QPR and Sunderland. Good luck!!!"
28th Dec 2012 15:04
"What a player,need five more"
28th Dec 2012 15:05
28th Dec 2012 15:05
"Good news that Suarez is fit , now all we have to do is create the twenty chances he needs to score one goal. QPR away , that used to be a nailed on win , now, I cringe at the embarrassment that may be heaped on us supporters again when BR's muppets take to the pitch, is it May yet,so this suffering can be over?"
28th Dec 2012 15:05
"To keep the best striker in world today include Messi-boy.Owners have to buy a quality pair for him.If they dont.Luis goes next summer to other team.And that put My lovely Club to Leeds possession."
28th Dec 2012 15:14
"Hey if only Suarez could be left alone to rest I say rest him this weekend and use whoever else is there you gonna mess up the only good striker, provider pf the ball that we have let the others score you never know in his absence they may score "
28th Dec 2012 15:15
"Why allow him to play with a bad ankle what wrong has he done you BR is he just a machine to you? "
28th Dec 2012 15:18
"hope shelvey doesn't start after stoke game he looked drunk or something would like to see nuri play "
28th Dec 2012 15:20
"should be confident of going to a club like qpr, who are almost certainly going to get relegated, and winning but im not !!!! that is the reality of being an lfc fan at the moment. we are a lose as many as we win club nowadays. sad but true"
28th Dec 2012 15:20
"Suarez is not a boy.with his mentaly.He plays if see and think he is able to.He is a MAN in pitch."
28th Dec 2012 15:45
"Good news from Luis and Lucas who is improving a lot in terms of physical condition and reliability along any game and training session, but BR did not release us news on Assaidi and Borini, are they ready to come back training? I hope so but we would deserve an explanation YNWA..."
28th Dec 2012 15:57
"dont buy Ince. Give Pacheko a run"
28th Dec 2012 16:25
"BR unfortunately is no better than the previous managers we have had. When a player is not fully fit resdt him as we lose anyway and the recovery takes longer. It is BR's fault we have no fromt men so now deal with it dont kill the Luis because you messed up. LFC YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 16:31
"i don't think if stars like suarez move will make any change. i think it will be better and younger players would have chance to play as they were playing under king kenny"
28th Dec 2012 17:05
"Yeah great, we beat QPR and then what....continue to lose every other game to mid-level teams. Let's face it, we ARE mediocrity now. Unless some petrodollars come our way or FSG realize how much more they need to invest, we are ultimately going nowhere. "
28th Dec 2012 17:22
"Some of our players are not tough enough. They need to improve thier strength both physically and mentally, in addition to their skills they arealdy have. "
28th Dec 2012 17:24
"If Suarez leaves Liverpool, it would be sad, but mayby Liverpool will have more teamwork improved significantly. So far I don't see Liverpool players sync that much. It's like they have not practiced together and known each other well."
28th Dec 2012 17:24
"If Suarez leaves Liverpool, it would be sad, but mayby Liverpool will have more teamwork improved significantly. So far I don't see Liverpool players sync that much. It's like they have not practiced together and known each other well."
28th Dec 2012 17:34
"It is between players ears.If he is talented he will show it in green without meeting some kind of shrink.When player needs shrink to get best of himself he belongs hospital without contract and he is not professional and not ready for the team.That includes manager too."
28th Dec 2012 17:49
"shelvy is being unfairly hit on. at least he showed some grit against huth when he shoved the german away. thats more of what was needed in that game. sahin, are u kidding me? even a of wind would blow him away. some of the 'fans' here are clueless.Still, we need to see some BALLS from the whole team in 2013"
28th Dec 2012 17:52
"suarez should start from the bench give him a rest weres morgan or yessil we need to get 2 top strikers in nevermind the budget coz if suarez gets injured and is out for a while then were screwwed "
28th Dec 2012 18:04
"suarez is leaving now is he?? talk about doom and gloom, i know we all feeling low but c'mon now heads up and those of us going QPR game sing your hearts out and help the team perform and win. YNWA."
28th Dec 2012 18:07
"come on lets murder QPR "
28th Dec 2012 18:12
"Yeah.Love for LFC makes up and downs for fans now.It is not the end of the world.Critics is the only way to say things out,that dont mean only hate,maybe hate for the situation which our team and players are now.Owners and managers should face the mirror and watch behind it."
28th Dec 2012 18:19
"Luis would play on crutches if he had to! After picking up the injury, you could see he wasn't prepared to want to come off in the Stoke game, such is his determination."
28th Dec 2012 18:52
"Although Suarez is just about holding our season together with his goals he is also part of our problem. His determination, workrate, skill and creativity is undoubted but he is also too selfish, hot headed and lacks composure too often. Our forward line is crying out for a Sheringham/Beardsley type who can not only play alongside Luis but replace him when needed..."
28th Dec 2012 18:52
"Sturridge will undoubtedly help us but we still need a cool head up there. Gerrard could definitely play up there until we find someone, we need to stop putting Jonjo as the false No.9 we've tried it and it's not working!"
28th Dec 2012 19:07
"com on luis. you are our king. fancy suarez to score against QPR. 3pts on sunday and then a win against sunderland will get us going in 2013.a couple of new players and things will start to look better. we are LIVERPOOL and fans should support the team no matter what. thought we were the best fans in the world?? com on you REDS!! YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 19:13
"QPR will be a doddle, we should send our second string and rest the first teamers, we are unsinkable!"
28th Dec 2012 19:30
"We should play the u21 they wudnt let us down."
Billy B girl
28th Dec 2012 19:34
"You are a star Luis but sadly with the worst manager we have seen for a while! the sooner the clown leaves the better !! FSG start talking and bring back Rafa as soon as you can!"
28th Dec 2012 19:38
"Kingofclubs. Don't get me started on LS lol. Its like putting petrol on flames! I don't blame LS entirely though, its the management thats at fault for not disciplining him and overplaying him. Our team is not a team when he plays."
28th Dec 2012 19:42
"there are no easy games in the prem, especially those fighting relegation. I see there are again so many gung-ho supporters voicing their tripe with their not so large brains.All ther best reds, thru thick & thin."
28th Dec 2012 19:48
"We should, repeat should win against QPR but the problem nowadays is we can't be relied upon to beat so called weaker teams anymore. They all believe they are are good as us and believe they can send us home with nothing ie they most certainly don't fear LFC anymore, that's gone forever. Sunderland will be licking their lips as well, we need a strong manager who will demand more from the owners."
28th Dec 2012 19:52
"I believe Phil Thompson and Roy Evans would do better than Mr Rodgers, I'm serious, I'm not joking!"
28th Dec 2012 19:59
"We need to move on the likes of Cole, Downing & Carroll to acquire someone in addition to Sturridge, Ince etc. who will take no $hit and command total respect! PLEASE BR!"
28th Dec 2012 20:04
"Suarez on bench....don't play a 4-2-4......hey now that is tikka tikka......ala never know"
28th Dec 2012 20:08
"Hey! you missed my first para about the enigma that is Suarez! 1 minute you're yelling at him the next you're singing his name - BR daren't take him off! We need another option up there, not young but experienced and with a strong character. If we can't get anyone SG should fill the role til we do."
28th Dec 2012 20:32
"come on luis. score the winner for redahendo. YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 20:40
"liverpooltill...correct.We are very lightweight physically. under the king we were overly muscular with no skill and under br we are overly skillfull with no stomach for the fight. a happy medium must be reached soon, and im sure br knows that better than most."
28th Dec 2012 20:44
"It is hightime now Suarez should stop his selfishness.11 goals for his name is a good thing, but he should let others score by giving the assists by which he forcefully tries to score on his own."
28th Dec 2012 20:47
"they should make sure they are in a better scoring position and scream at him. then if he does i hope the player puts it in the net. YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 20:49
"and he is still world class. com on luis. 3pts please. YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 20:52
"3-4 managers and we are still the same. its the players.whenever the going gets tough half the team take out their white also has to learn.against stoke he wanted stoke to worry about us, but we are side not in top form and as such we should have set up to keep them out. nevermind. we move on.UP THE MIGHTY REDS"
28th Dec 2012 20:56
"hope we get another striker a world class no 9. a finisher we need to pamp in the balls for him"
28th Dec 2012 21:02
"thats what sturridge is for. YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 21:03
"We are also lacking leadership on the field, bigtime. against teams who want to win we also need to want and fight even harder or we lose.that is br's challenge now, because even SG is not leading from the front as he used to. we dont need more sahin's, we need LEADERS to take the fight to teams."
28th Dec 2012 21:11
"rajusa...could be right there. SG leads by example and is not half as vocal as Carra. To get us through this season we may need to get Carra involved more often when the going gets tough, like Stoke. "
28th Dec 2012 21:27
28th Dec 2012 21:43
"im 0ff to the bookies QPR are 3-1, thats brilliant heart says liverpool but i don't gamble with my heart!"
28th Dec 2012 22:02
"Yell to every one around you(players,BR and his assistants,even to yourself fans) but your voice should be directed to FSG. May be the players in hand are sweating in the pitch to their nails and that is what they can pull, so yell not on them. FSG should invest and buy players of LFC calibre. Till then forget about top four positions."
28th Dec 2012 22:02
"loz 99... get a brain!"
28th Dec 2012 22:04
"LFC times he is unplayable and gets through the most ridiculous of gaps but then there are times when a quick 1-2 is the option, which he ignores and tries again to weave through the whole defence. You can't fault his self belief but he must also believe in his own team mates."
28th Dec 2012 22:19
"Plyno.1red - He will probably score a hat trick against QPR but its still not the point.His work-rate is a benchmark for players to look up to, he just needs to lift his head a bit more and look for a pass instead of personal glory."
28th Dec 2012 22:46
"The problem with Louie is lack of attacking options. That's Bucks fault, fair and square. We should be resting him especially against those do-little-queens. But we can't. They say they have moved on from the calamity, amateur squad management, but for us it's still a living the nightmare. Looking forward to Jans amateur circus, not."
28th Dec 2012 23:13
28th Dec 2012 23:16
"Suarez is not the problem.The problem is that he is alone doing midfielders job,opening game passing and making goals.He is the best man for years at Liverpool squad,even better than Torres was.When we bought him we should get a pair for him and make the scoring places for him,he is doing now that too.Its waste of talent."
28th Dec 2012 23:34
"suarez is class and without him we would be in the bottom three, we need more experience in the forward areas and br seems to understand that. lets hope he can get david villa or someone of that quality, i think he will come as out of favour at barca and wanted to try the pl and this is his chance"
28th Dec 2012 23:51
"If we can buy Villa.Better forget him.His time is gone.Buy Leandro Damiao,maybe he cost more than Villa but he is worth of that and eight years younger.And very strong with good abilities.He is the best we can get."
29th Dec 2012 0:08
"if you look at a lot of our games even right up to the stoke match there are a lot of times when Luis had no other option but to have a go him self, at one point against stoke he looked up and Suso was in the only place that Luis couldn't get the ball to so he had a pop himself."
29th Dec 2012 0:17
"we wont be able to by big names in January no matter how much money is available because of our position in the table, summer is when we have a chance, I am confidant that we will finish no lower than 5th or 6th. Sturridge will be a good addition but 12 million is too much, I dont think he's that good, hope I'm wrong and he is even better than I think."
29th Dec 2012 0:22
"Brendan is a pathetic manager, Pascoe and Allen are just as dreadful. He is over reliant of his precious Suarez, Sterling, Allen and Johnson. Play others... Where has Sahin and Assaidi been? Caragher is ace in defence, as is Brad Jones in goal. Try Morgan too, Flanagan, Coady, Robinson, they are amazing, Enrique, and Glen wingers, them two back."
29th Dec 2012 0:26
"Borini is injured for ages yet. Sturidge is very good too, give him a chance, then, we criticise. I despise International Frendlies, it is where most injuries occur."
29th Dec 2012 0:53
"Once we get Sturridge we will have a serious cutting thrust. It bodes well for the future if him and Ince arrives. Both of these players have the right arrogance to succeed at LFC and will definitely not be overawed by the club or Suarez, which is a must for whoever comes in. "
29th Dec 2012 1:19
"Pleased Luis is fit to play because Rodgers isn't fit to manage. FSG out. Rodgers out. Before its too late."
29th Dec 2012 2:44
"Come on you reds. Doing good mostly, just need to finish bettererererrrr, Happy New Year all the true reds, Stop whinging and get in behind all you pretenders. YNWA from NZ"
29th Dec 2012 7:09
"No resting forwards for this game, luis and Stirling to start with SG for me in the front 3. Get Sturbridge and a.n.other in immediately the window opens to play Sunderland and the fa cup, Raheem can sit both out and luis the fa cup (I really hope we wouldn't need him for that!) "
29th Dec 2012 7:16
"Great that everyone's fit. Now let's hope they all decide to show up as well"
29th Dec 2012 9:10
"QPR will not be easy as they are fighting for their survival in the premier league. We should be extra vigilants - we can not afford to make mistakes. We should take our chances. This is Liverpool - please what ever you do - you are in playing, managing the most succesful club in the world. "
29th Dec 2012 9:13
"So we are parading the information so that opposition players aim for the ankle, some things are better kept quiet, we talk too much how we play our, tactics etc just shut up and talk in the ground, am fed up of the talk we don't walk."
29th Dec 2012 9:15
"BR have problem with putting player on the ground, before he keep play sterling until out of form, then agger and skrtel until out of form. now suarez. we still have coates,yesil,pachecho,suso to play along. give them more time to play. "
29th Dec 2012 9:41
"If FSG dont have big money, just get out of here FSG. Have many people intrested to owned this club. FSG just make this club only as a memories of the past. He just give a empty promises. "