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i feel sorry for br i think he's a good guy but i dont think he's the right man for the club,we need new owners who will invest money on the right players then we can get back in the cl,ps bring rafa back.ynwa
No 7
28th Dec 2012 15:48
No 7
28th Dec 2012 15:48
"i feel sorry for br i think he's a good guy but i dont think he's the right man for the club,we need new owners who will invest money on the right players then we can get back in the cl,ps bring rafa back.ynwa"
28th Dec 2012 15:48
""There are very few names we have actually enquired about, but we're hoping we'll be able to do something in January pretty early on. We need that wee bit more experience, especially at the top end of the field. - Sturridge, Ince are not who next?? "
28th Dec 2012 15:49
""There are very few names we have actually enquired about, but we're hoping we'll be able to do something in January pretty early on. We need that wee bit more experience, especially at the top end of the field. - Sturridge, Ince are not who next??"
28th Dec 2012 15:50
"We lose the plot when we adopt different styles for different teams! Why not stick with our style, the Liverpool Way?"
28th Dec 2012 15:50
28th Dec 2012 15:52
"Dont take some low atude boys like Sturridge we need Man who give all in pitch for the team and the more boys anymore."
28th Dec 2012 15:54
"Alonso has refused a new contract at Real Madrid whilst expressing an interest in returning to Liverpool so I really hope that we sign him again. He would help our team no end...please God we get him."
28th Dec 2012 15:54
"some of the performaces are exceptional ? we have won only against reading, saints, fulham, norwich, wigan, west ham. we lost against manu, arsenal, west brom, stoke, villa, spurs - all gd teams. we need a strong answer "
28th Dec 2012 15:59
"you are not sincere BR, you are not optimistic as you say! We can cope just with few necessities in the january transfer window as we have a limited budget, we have terrific issues at the back, specially with the half back, paradoxically our midfield looks more sorted than the other reparts and we would need to spend big upfront... how can we be optimistic?"
28th Dec 2012 16:06
"If we do close the gap and finish in the top 4 come the end of season with the new signing's it will be amazing but i am more looking forward to next season when i think we will be more of a complete team! in br i trust ynwa"
28th Dec 2012 16:07
"Sorry BR but i have to disagree with regards to the"work rate,intensity and ehtic was good" comment.We were none of these things and we need to learn from that.With Sturridge added in Jan,I think(hope) we can start moving onwards and upwards."
28th Dec 2012 16:15
"Really feel for some fans calling Buck the wrong guy. How many clubs did Guadiola guide to champions league before becoming Barca coach? Benitez with Chelsea lost woefully to WestHam but is finding form, hopefully. Our squad is just too thin & Buck is only performing miracle to keep us up!"
28th Dec 2012 16:16
"From the way BR talks, it seems as if we need to lose one game to win another. We can't be like that. We are LIVERPOOL. We have a status. We need to start winning games continuously. I have a lot of faith in BR. I hope he will find a way for us to compete a with other top clubs in the world...YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 16:16
"25 points from 19 games is disgraceful for LFC"
28th Dec 2012 16:18
"we should have appointed luis van gaal"
28th Dec 2012 16:18
"Our present squad is not good enough but KD did waste 110mil so what do we expect from the owners. Top teams get quality for realistic prices ie Van persie 22mil so now we rebuild so it will take 2-4 years to get back to top 4 if we are lucky LFC YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 16:19
"he is trying hard, but br is not the man for lfc stature. he cannot deal with different style of play n he is clueless when we r losing. he cannot motivate the players too. we have a good squad n we didn't beat villa which conceded 12 goals in 2 matches"
28th Dec 2012 16:22
"No 7 you have a very short memory. Bring back rafa are you kidding. You must be the last person that still uses that. BR and FSG are here to stay so show support or do one "
28th Dec 2012 16:23
"No 7 you have a very short memory. Bring back rafa are you kidding. You must be the last person that still uses that. BR and FSG are here to stay so show support or do one "
28th Dec 2012 16:23
"He's a dead man walking he knows it lol that's why the players gave up so easily he'll get the sack soon and well start all over again should have given dalglish another year if it was not for carrol downing and hender rubbish he would have would still be here Those mistakes cost him his job but as a manager he was great not as a scout tho lool "
28th Dec 2012 16:25
"which player do you think will sign for liverpool fc. at this position in the table liverpool will not play in anu european football next year. now players liked to go to a club where they will be able to play european football"
28th Dec 2012 16:31
"Support FSG for destroy the best team ever.Almost 40-years i have supported this team but what i see now is the fact that the owners give a about the team and the fans.And they dont know anything about check of green "Football."We need Owners who love this team and do all for it."
28th Dec 2012 16:32
"yeah van gaal can be a good option. but i would have prefered benitez. the players is letting br down."
28th Dec 2012 16:36
"Brendan is the right man for Liverpool. Stop doubting him after every game and give him a chance! YNWA Brendan, I am one red who is 100% behind you."
28th Dec 2012 16:43
"his heads gone!"
28th Dec 2012 16:43
"We need owners and a manager and players that have Liverpool Football Club running through their viens people that will give their last breath for this club,I dont see it, does anyone else ? YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 16:45
"Are you all so blind and so faithfull what BR and FSG has done to the team.So unprofessional without Merseyside-soul so unknown decision and standing behind useless words.I cant get it.Sell the team to those who will do anything for it.Its worht of that."
28th Dec 2012 16:46
"Are you all so blind and so faithfull what BR and FSG has done to the team.So unprofessional without Merseyside-soul so unknown decision and standing behind useless words.I cant get it.Sell the team to those who will do anything for it.Its worht of that."
28th Dec 2012 16:53
"Get real do you really want this great club to become another Chelsea or Real Madrid sacking managers for fun even when they win. As for the rubbish about Rafa, he didnt go fast enough for most and he never knew what attacking football was either and still doesnt-total waste of space. Back BR or we will end up doing a Blackburn"
liverpool lad22
28th Dec 2012 16:57
"My first post. I have been watching LFC for 40 odd years. It's not about's about 2 or 3 years of building from now. Give the man a chance."
liverpool lad22
28th Dec 2012 16:57
"My first post. I have been watching LFC for 40 odd years. It's not about's about 2 or 3 years of building from now. Give the man a chance."
28th Dec 2012 17:02
"If we do not get owners who are willing to spend money (on the right players), then we will stay where we are (mid-level mediocrity). How is anyone going to get much more out of this squad? Perhpas in some quantum parallel universe we are number 1? "
28th Dec 2012 17:05
"He does talk some crap. It's Reading the sequel isn't it Bodgers?"
No 7
28th Dec 2012 17:06
"to julesnz,i do support the team & br,but i dont think he is ready for such a big job yet and i'm sure he will turn into a good manger one day,but i think that rafa would have been the perfect man for the job as he knows the club and players and will get the best out of the team that he's got,also i'm not the only one who wanted rafa back ie djay7308,so julesnz check your facts 1st"
28th Dec 2012 17:07
"Sturridge will be injured and out by the end of Jan. He has glass legs. Hence £12m."
28th Dec 2012 17:07
"We have sold the team already.Chelsea like you say.But we came worst than them because we sold it FSG who dont know anything about Football or Liverpool history with their fans passion.Big plans big mouth-speak.But nothing else happens.Wait future promises rest of your life.We love you FANS they say.And we build future.What a S#it."
28th Dec 2012 17:07
"It really is incredible the hate that there is towards Brendan and FSG. Just think back to before they took over with the taxman standing outside the court hearing ready to wind up Liverpool...just think people."
28th Dec 2012 17:14
"Sturridge-£12m, Ince-£3m, Borrini-£11m, Allen-£15m. Assaidi-£2m,Yesil-£1m...£44m. Could have bought a good forward for that. Instead of bargain basket punts. "
28th Dec 2012 17:16
"This is a simple advice, next we are playing against Harry Rednapp not QPR and in recent times he has caused us a lot of troubles with different teams, so take this game seriously and go for a win for the fans, show us that this is Liverpool."
28th Dec 2012 17:18
"It is not hate.It is reality what i have seen 40-years and support this team.These talks and promises comes some kind of illusion from those leaders and owners who decides teams future.And ive never seen this kind of mess in my supporting time."
28th Dec 2012 17:20
"Reality is we were never going to go into administration as revenue streams were good. There were other bidders. Broughton, a Chelsea fan, sold us cheap. Broughton and RBS are in court to defend their reputation. FSG are destroying this club."
28th Dec 2012 17:21
"Two defeats in a row would be highly unlikely, if not impossible, let's face it, surely we're not that bad. I don't think QPR will be good enough to win against us, we'd have to play awful to lose this one."
28th Dec 2012 17:23
"I have respect for BR but he is not the right Manager, that is reality... Money do not buy success, soccer is a basic game whereby you need to do the basics right. You can buy all the players you want, but if you don't have consistency in team, then it means nothing. Suso need to play at 10, Downing right, Sterling left, Gerrard and Shelvey middle. I rest my case.."
28th Dec 2012 17:26
"Some fans on here,are living in cloud cokuu land.After we almost went into liqudation,we had to be built back up from previous bad mangement.Hicks/Gillet/Kenny Dalglish,all wasting good money.Thing is we are not one of the big clubs at the moment,no matter how much some complain,nothing will change quickly!"
28th Dec 2012 17:28
"The glass is also half empty BR we are halfway through a season.Your buys in January will dictate if you still have a job come May and if we are anywhere near the top six it will be a miracle.Get shut of the tried and failed deadwood that still exist.The team has no shape, balance or passion for the red shirt."
28th Dec 2012 17:29
"why is he only getting 2 players in now we cant wait till the summer for more players we need them now. if we dont finish in at least the europa spot were not going to be able to atract any players. ince and sturidge may be ok but there not the answer if fsg are happy bobbing along till summer then it will be there loss"
28th Dec 2012 17:31
"Some people think so highly of this club they value it as less than zero. And hence show graude to FSG, who got bargain of the century. Even though we had the 8th highest turnover in world football when RBS went bust, they still believe we would have been wound up. It's unbelievable."
28th Dec 2012 17:31
"AC30 the way some fan add all the costs of buying players is very unfair, they did it on rafas buys also. You dont put it in the context of the moment of the buy. At each time to buy you dont have that 40 millions as right now.One year later others will still add up the sum he is buying now.BTW how are you sure the one 40mil. player you ask will not get injured? "
28th Dec 2012 17:33
28th Dec 2012 17:35
"look at BRS stats against WOYS and it make u think why BR is still here as manager maybe fsg are happy with BR takin all the flak while they hide in the back ground. were are they anyway "
28th Dec 2012 17:37
"if were guna have BR as manager then FSG need to give him major funds in jan not fifty dollars and 10 cents KD was allowed to spend mega bucks and some of his flops are still here "
28th Dec 2012 17:45
"the crap about liqudation lol oh the mighty FSG they saved are club lol lol alls they are doin is linnin there pockets keeping the club tickin over they got shut of 6 players slashed the wage bill so what happened to the six replacements thers 16 multimillionares were are they? SHOW ME THE MONEY"
28th Dec 2012 17:46
"Brendan I don't think there is anything which you can do better, the whole season will be like this. Your transfers Borini, Allen, Sahin, and the coming Sturridge cannot progress Liverpool. You only need to resign or get sacked."
28th Dec 2012 17:48
"The team collapses in difficult times ...We need more character and courage! It's time for Coates, Mr. Rodgers"
28th Dec 2012 18:12
"hope we get xabi back and we get hooper or llorente with sturridge and ince we also need mertens as well but we'll probably end up with mediocre english players"
28th Dec 2012 18:13
"Don.t feel sorry for him lets have him out he was the wrong manager from the start. But like u all u need to give him a chance well he has had that chance so lets get rid know don,t give him nothing oh yes give him one thing and one thing only his cards that is what I say so bye bye br ok"
28th Dec 2012 18:33
"I don't understand why Pacheco, Morgan, Yesil, Ngoo and Assaidi haven't been given a chance. What have I missed?"
28th Dec 2012 18:35
"i would give BR until the end of the season and if things dont improve then get rid but this is a big gamble incase we get relegated"
28th Dec 2012 18:36
"What a nob"
28th Dec 2012 18:49
"br seems to be talking about getting in an experienced forward for the rest of the season and rumors are that david villa is being looked at. perhaps not the player he once was but would be worth a shot for half a season on loan. "
28th Dec 2012 18:55
"No more excuses. Victory against QPR is a necessity. Excuses so far: Money- MUFC, Spurs, MCFC and Chelsea apart we can spend more and have spent more last summer than all the other teams. contd... "
28th Dec 2012 18:56
"Barcelona are unlikely to let Villa go midseason and sadly, whereas 2 seasons ago we were in the frame for him, it is doubtful he would come here now. Shame though, cos he would link nicely with Suarez."
28th Dec 2012 18:56
"god forbid QPR could get their 2nd league win of the season tomorrow, if so mr rodgers should walk"
28th Dec 2012 18:56
"Next Excuse: BR's first season. Same with Clarke and Laundrup whilst Reading and Norwich have both performed well in their first season back in the Prem. We can't keep on making excuses, we should be far better off and have a record identical to Woy. Just start being consistent and lay off the excuses. "
28th Dec 2012 19:00
"we are blackburn of the pl realy everyone is haveing a massive laugh at our expence the way we are being run in to the ground.breaks my heart guys"
28th Dec 2012 19:03
"whos the nob"
28th Dec 2012 19:04
"This is really going to be the acid test for BR. We are going to a club at the bottom of the league which we should walk all over. Anything other than a convincing win will be really bad for BR and the team. There can be no excuses if we don't come away with the 3pts."
28th Dec 2012 19:09
"Given Bodgers failed to implement "tiki taka" at Reading, despite time and backing, and inherited a passing side from Martinez and Sousa at Swansea, you have to wonder if BR has had any success implementing any "style of play" anywhere. Of course Pascoe has no experience period."
28th Dec 2012 19:11
"Wow, reading some of the crap on here disappoints me as a Liverpool fan, reminds me of the general state of play in the world really, what happened to YNWA! The guy's been in the job 2 minutes and people are being haters, FSG have taken the club from the financial gutter and steadied the ship but that isn't enough?! "
28th Dec 2012 19:12
"Get real people and get behind the club, the players and the manager, the club was ruined before BR or FSG came through the door, do you seriously believe that somebody invested the vast some of money involved with bad intentions? "
28th Dec 2012 19:12
"In two years when our talented young players have gotten some experience and BR has added players through a few transfer windows all of you doubters will be applauding BR for bringing the REDS back to the top. I believe in BR, he just needs time to implement his style and add to our player pool. YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 19:14
"This will take TIME! This isn't BR's team and was very poor before he took it on, very short memories people have, give the guy a chance and stand strong behind the team, the manager and the owners, I believe they can turn the tide but have to steady the finance...would you rather be a Leeds I wonder? We can't all have a sugar daddy and I for one wouldn't like that..."
28th Dec 2012 19:20
"I agree No 7. There is no money for what we need. We need World Class signings to get us up there. 5 top quality signings that would probably cost £30 mil each!!!"
28th Dec 2012 19:22
"I'd rather see Gerrard and Carragher in charge, but FSG aren't the owners for us, there isn't the backing there. They need to back us big financially and then get the youngsters coming through."
28th Dec 2012 19:23
"Rodgers is out of his depth. I want him to be successful, but he is too stubborn, naive and inexperienced! We have not made any progress and his signings are not good enough. I'm sorry but it's the truth! The Villa and Stoke performances were truly dreadful!!"
28th Dec 2012 19:25
"With the backing from FSG and BR in charge, I can only see things getting worse. We'll be mid table for the next 5 years, looking over our shoulders, that's if we stay up this year!!"
28th Dec 2012 19:29
"I think we're 2 successful seasons away from attracting top class players and money alone won't be enough.Once we're reestablished in PLs top 4, then we can talk about >£20m class players.'Til then we need our scouts to find us another hidden gem like Suarez"
28th Dec 2012 19:31
"That very poor team Bodgers inherited was 9 points better off this time last season. He should save his "tiki taka" for Melwood and introduce it gradually instead of at once. It Rodgers who needs patience, not us. We need victory and not the Stoke chanting "can we play you every week". I am sick of Bodgers bull."
28th Dec 2012 19:31
"I swore if I heard any of our players or coaches say we deserved 3 points against Stoke I wouldn't watch us again this season, but I haven't heard that so far. I, like many of you, am disappointed in our performances, but you can't lay all the blame at BR's feet. The boys have to play like men, and the men need to lead us to victory. cont"
28th Dec 2012 19:32
"BR keeps blaming the squad that he inherited but hes added a few of his own players who are clearly not LFC standard and as far as I can see has made us even worse than last season. surely a quality manager should improve you slightly even without it being his squad. am I wrong ?"
28th Dec 2012 19:34
"Im really sorry but im getting the same feeling i had before we lost to Stoke. We are going to loose by the same score line :( Had the wierdess bizarre dream, we fighting relegation :-( Hope this dream never comes true."
red till i die
28th Dec 2012 19:36
"some one tell me why BR wont play Gerrard attacking mid; Shelvey is a donkey"
28th Dec 2012 19:37
"how many of our goals this season have resulted from a ball over the top (pen against Stoke for example) and how many from playing it out of the back 5 yards at a time?"
28th Dec 2012 19:37
"I wouldn't have minded if Coates started against Stoke, but some of you are jumping the gun saying trade Skrtel for Coates. What we needed was Suso AND Sterling out as they are too lightweight to play against the TOUGH guys. And how can 1 man break down 10 defenders? We should have taken the game by the horns after Gerrard's goal, instead we conceded two in ten minutes."
28th Dec 2012 19:39
"can anyone tell me what credentials BR had for getting the LFC job ? aren't we supposedly one of the biggest clubs in the world ? why was BR chosen what has he actually done in football management ?"
28th Dec 2012 19:40
"I also doubt Suso and Sterling have the physicality to cut it in this league. You would need a lot to make up for being that slight. Hope I am wrong, but you could blow them off the ball. The future is in youth, not the present. "
28th Dec 2012 19:42
"Who has read that ridiculous comment that he is not a good cook but with the right ingredients he can produce a good meal, in regards to turning Liverpool around. He really is becoming a complete idiot, who I can no longer stand. By the looks of BR his wife is a good cook, maybe she's a better Manager to."
28th Dec 2012 19:42
"BR has done alot more in football than Colin Pascoe, who drove an ice cream van before he started here."
28th Dec 2012 19:51
"come on, everyone knows why FSG are here. To collect money, if you think that they love liverpool or football you're wrong. For me LFC is a part of my heart, for them is just business !! "
28th Dec 2012 19:54
28th Dec 2012 19:55
"DARRENONEILL 19.11 and JBD4REDS 19.12 totally agree. we need to support LFC and B.R and have patience. we are rebuilding and when he has the players who can implement his ideas along with the youngsters then our situation will improve. we are liverpool and supporters should act like it. com on you reds 3pts against QPR thankyou. YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 19:55
"why dont all u negative supporters just give it a rest, if only for one fkn day, havent u ever got anything else to say apart from rant the same e day in day out. Do one u tw'ts."
28th Dec 2012 20:06
"It's not good enough and he's not the right man and you know it!"
28th Dec 2012 20:07
"We must buy top class players buying players that can not make the first team in any prem team is not going to do anything for this team. There are only a few exceptions to that but players who only have two or three years left in the league are not what we need.We are a young team lets keep it young."
28th Dec 2012 20:12
"It is time to be positive..If we show our usual character and guile,We should be able to secure a point at QPR. "
28th Dec 2012 20:20
"AC30 where do you get your positivity from??? com on you must know we will get all 3points on sunday. do some proper supporting. com on you reds we will do this. YNWA & J4T96"
28th Dec 2012 21:01
"Totally disagree with those saying Suso and Sterling are not strong enough. Did you see how Diame bounced off young Raheem v West Ham and then later hobbled off. Neither of them are too weak, I thought myself they could have been but have been pleasantly surprised..."
28th Dec 2012 21:01
"The problem with their game at times is that everyone is not on the same wavelength or playing at the same tempo and as a result they can get caught out dwelling on the ball. They have all the skills and strength needed they just lack experience and are playing with a team which is still developing."
28th Dec 2012 21:05
28th Dec 2012 21:12
"200 mil plus 100 mil, leveled finances. Give it a break you fake fans. 30m for a player and 15-20m to keep him in the club for a year. Sounds like 50m to get a player who might get injured, who might not turn up for a game and so on. We cant risk that just yet.! BR is doing a GREAT JOB with what he has."
28th Dec 2012 21:21
"I miss the special European nights in anfield, I miss the pass and the intensity Liverpool used to emboss the other clubs, I miss the multi-national players that Liverpool once had. It's hard to imagine how Liverpool will came back under FSG/Rogers Era!"
28th Dec 2012 21:24
"Just wait for us to beat QPR for the fans to support BR again. I think he's done well with this poor squad, I don't really trust him in the transfer window, Rafa was really good in that department but hopefully we can rebuild to a Champions League contender's team. "We need that wee bit more experience, especially at the top end of the field." I think that may be implying to David Villa."
28th Dec 2012 21:27
"Ah shut up"
28th Dec 2012 21:36
"commenting after there had been 100 comments, I doubt if anyone will read it. However, I know that it's been difficult for all lfc managers since RH to beat HR in Premier League matches. Will this be different?"
28th Dec 2012 21:39
"In Brendan we trust. It's going to take time, patience and perspective. He'll get there though - YNWA!"
28th Dec 2012 21:48
"At this stage I won't shy away from bringig Benitez"
28th Dec 2012 22:02
"I don't remember if we have won a game against any club which is above us in the table this season. Looks like we have also lost most of the games to middle table teams and won a few bottom clubs plus draws......terrible!"
28th Dec 2012 22:09
"one thing that has gotten really weak under BR era is our defensive plans.. i think in order to be at the top, even if we dont have many goal scorers is to be strong defensively as we were under Rafa reign.. if BR can apply the same tactics for defense, we have a good chance in future, otherwise bring back Rafa. YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 22:51
"Those press conferences are nothing. Only next game and three points matter."
28th Dec 2012 23:00
"buy quality who gonna fit in ..... what r our scouts doing ...... go get players from spain if we want tiki taka "
28th Dec 2012 23:19
"You decimated our attack of goals and experience when you got here Buck, now we need a 'wee bit of experience'. You should be doing stand-up. You have also destroyed our defence. Reina? Our world champion CBs giving dancing practice down the centre? And zone defence in the goal square? Where's our rock and man-marking gone. "
28th Dec 2012 23:27
"we are a mid table side, we will win lose and draw some, thats it i'm afraid unless there is yet another drastic change wether it be owners, manager or better players nothing will change no matter how nicer bloke BR is he is not honest about the displays and talks a lot of rubbish, but he has too...!"
28th Dec 2012 23:35
"Here is a positive comment .IF IF IF Liverpool win I will be very happy !!"
28th Dec 2012 23:50
"AC30, Duncan from 'Dragon's Den' also drove an Ice Cream Van before he made his millions. :)"
28th Dec 2012 23:58
"Right... So we need new owners? No, we need the players we have to earn their pay, new hitmen to deliver asap. As soon as LFC appears on a watch sheet to zeros go on to a fee. Do it the LFC way, with dignity, and get some players who want to wear the shirt! YNWA."
29th Dec 2012 0:00
"dont normally comment but sorry back the manager and the team or do one and support Man utd like the rest of the moaners, lets have some truth for once, rafa - the man who let alonso go by telling him he was 2nd fiddle to barry, then never signed barry and in a must win game replaced torres with ngog to everyone including the captains dismay, do me a favour"
29th Dec 2012 0:02
"as for fsg lets just remember day 1, would you rather have hicks and gillete replacing 20 mill midfielders like alonso with 2 mill poulson or FSG who spent massivley for Dalglish on a bunch of flops, hendo, carroll and downing - if that was me id be more careful with my money but please dont say they have not backed us financially they have - the previous manager just spent it on horrific players"
29th Dec 2012 0:03
"remember alex whats his name, the numpty up the road - 3 years in 16th place fa cup saves his job - then what happened when his team played his style - try backing br and fsg for a change and you might be surprised with the results"
29th Dec 2012 0:04
"Coach has a job to do and Fans pay his salary.Football is a hell like Sir Alex said.The players personal quality and ability is Brendans work to use it perfect.If he cant do it.There is always someone who can.And second is the owners,if they buy LFC do it from heart or dont do it at all.Sell it for Arabs.They know what to do."
29th Dec 2012 0:18
"Some comments on here are laughable. I read one which said that BR is too stubborn, lol. Here is a man who dropped his star signings, Allen and Sahin, a task KK found too difficult to do and yet some accuse him of being steadfast. BR has shown humility and at times too much, cont..."
29th Dec 2012 0:19
"powderfinger2712 you are correct, sell it to the arabs they know what there doing, like al fahim and al faraj - im sure if you ask Portsmouth fans they would disagree, and this isnt rodgers squad yet - its mainly Dalglish's due to the funds he spent bar one or two"
29th Dec 2012 0:22
"I want every one of us to answer one question: If we took over a job that was in complete disarray and the finances to rectify the situation immediately was scarce, would you not the think you should be given ample time to remedy it. BR is 19 games in, for Christ sakes, surely even an idiot knows this is not long enough to castigate him. Some need to rethink and chill out. "
29th Dec 2012 0:25
"I also see that some fans are just not football savvy. They are quick to blame BR for goals conceded or lack of goals. A manager sets out his stalls on how he wants his teams to play, then its up to the players to implement this. He is not at fault if Reina screws up, or Skrtel does a shoddy back pass, or Suarez misses a sitter, cont... "
29th Dec 2012 0:27
"Well Said, kwakaman! KD did wasted 110mil and strip FSG bare. BR had to scrape the leftover. Compare to 22 mil for Van Persie and 20plus mil for JH,SD and oh 33 mill for AC, I wonder did KD finally realise he made a fool of himself. Sorry Legend. You shld not take the bait when some fans encouraged you for the post in the first place. I definitely Not one of them."
29th Dec 2012 0:29
"He is though accountable for the personnel on the pitch, hence my grievance with KK who played out of form players purely to prove how clever he was. We have had the most shots in the Premier league which signals an attacking thrust but lack of finishing. Our general play is good, what we lack is enough potent players at the top end, a legacy of misspent funds, cont..."
29th Dec 2012 0:29
"GeorgeFC2011... you need to comment more, brill, totally agree, it's going to take seasons to get us back to where we used to be and where we should be, only naive people who haven't a clue would think it could be done in half a season, fsg saved us from ending up like Rangers or some other financially busted club."
29th Dec 2012 0:35
"To some its a sensitive topic but to the in tuned its clear that the past regime has a lot to answer for. Its beyond absurd that BR is bearing any brunt of what he inherited. You will see top managers like Redknapp suffer this season with QPR he inherited a mess but will be given time by the fans to rectify it because they are intelligent to know it will take time, cont..."
29th Dec 2012 0:35
"ill try lol just annoys me whenpeople jump on the sack the bosss band wagon without the facts, i run a team last year we played 28, won 1 drew 1 lost 26 -138 GD - they'd have me gone, but the facts are it was our 1t ever season and we had no preseason, our first game was season opener "
29th Dec 2012 0:36
"this year we are 5th, pushing promotion with the 2 hottest strikers in the league playing tika taka football - just takes time and guidance - look at the facts first so you dont sound like a prat"
29th Dec 2012 0:37
"Some of us are suffering from delusion of grandeur syndrome. We hark back to the 70/80's like it was yesterday. We are talking over 20 years ago since we won the league but some expect BR to come in and fix everything after 19 games! If we hound out this good man we will get what we deserve which is more years out of the loop, cont.."
29th Dec 2012 0:40
"and those who talk abt the liverpool way and 25 mill on a player check your history, liverpools strength was getting good young players from the 1st and 2nd division, sticking them in the reserves for a season to learn the liverpool way and then playing them, patience!!"
29th Dec 2012 0:42
"Look what we stupidly did to Rafa; a man who perennially got us into the top 4 and the last stages of the CL and what was his grave crime? He sold Alonso and we finished 7th, woopy doo, a league position ironically we would accept now. And yet some harangued the poor man and he left. We had a world class manager and some idiots called for his head, cont..."
29th Dec 2012 0:46
"Sometimes you hope that history will teach us things and we will learn from our mistakes. So episodes like Rafa and KK will be studied and either repeated our never to do again. But when you have some fans calling for situations that proved hazardous before to be repeated then you finally start to understand what "stupid" really means. "
29th Dec 2012 0:46
"who in this squad is actually a rodgers player, allen, suhin, borini and yet you judge him - without him sterling would probabley be off to spurs and suso back to spain, IN BR I TRUST!!!"
29th Dec 2012 1:14
"Rodgers' CV was never sufficiently impressive to be given the job. Frankly it is baffling why he was. His comments after games bear little relationship to what has actually happened. I'm thinking he is a fraud who is being found out and the sooner his employment at our club is curtailed the better."
29th Dec 2012 1:17
"You talk too much before a game but end up losing most times you do so...PLEASE TALK LESS BUT WIN MORE...what experienced strikers do you mean, British folks? Bull...mtcheeeew!"
29th Dec 2012 1:23
"Get out Rodgers. Your results against Villa and Stoke were an embarrassment."
29th Dec 2012 1:45
"I agree with Buddha. We need to give BR time. Come Jan'13, get some ammunition to fire away goals. Folks - we had to wait for freaking 20 years so please give the man 2 seasons. Let him buy his players and implement his style of play. Lets be patient and support when we lose/draw. "
29th Dec 2012 1:58
"Thanks to FSG and BR: You are restoring the pride in Liverpool, restoring respect in the transfer market, cutting the dead wood out of the squad. We are on the right track commercially and on the field you are building a team with a style we can all enjoy. "
29th Dec 2012 2:34
"Liverpool all the way! We'll get back there! Belief !"
29th Dec 2012 2:57
"Wow all this positivity. It makes me proud to be a Liverpool Supporter. And to think 2 weeks ago when we were 4 points adrift of Champions League spots, there was so much NEGATIVITY around the team. It's so refreshing."
29th Dec 2012 3:10
"Be glad to see the back of him, sick of the blarney! "
29th Dec 2012 3:23
"Like at LFC... Jack Butland (Birmingham) - GK Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo) - F Lewis Holtby (Schalke) - M Gino Peruzzi (Velez Sarsfield) - RW/RB Dede (Vasco da Gama) - CB Ganso (Sao Paulo) - AM Younes Belhanda (Montpellier) - W/M Leandro Damiao (Internacional) - S Like gone (permanently)... Andy Carroll Jay Spearing Brad Jones Joe Cole Stuart Downing Jordan Henderson Fabio Borini"
29th Dec 2012 3:29
"GeorgeFC spot on, absolutely spot on. I remember the days too when we brought in young players like Hansen and Nichol and then they disappeared into the reserves to learn the Liverpool way. Hoping big things for players like Yesil and Assaidi - NEXT SEASON. We need to give the manager a season to get the shape back in this magnificent club of ours. "
29th Dec 2012 3:39
"please sign arda turan we need playmaker like him and striker and goalkeeper"
29th Dec 2012 4:18
"pls,if you think we need more experience,then pls buy more experienced players who have a higher probability of adding something to the play.Pls stop taking players you have worked with.YNWA"
29th Dec 2012 4:48
""Rodgers added: "The reality at a club of this size and stature is you go in [to games] and the expectancy is to win every one, home and away." If only that were still the case :-("
Red Malaysian
29th Dec 2012 4:56
"Dear BR, WINNING = DESIRE + COURAGE + DETERMINATION + TENACITY. We are 10th because our boys act like a bunch of lady footballers. They allow themselves to be bullied. They were pushed around by WBA, Stoke and AV. They need to play the same way against every team, just as they did against MC and Everton. That's the true LFC!!! "
Nuri Kazim Sahin 4
29th Dec 2012 5:30
"6-0 tonight"
29th Dec 2012 5:45
"We must b more direct and atack with pace and conviction its going to b a long hard season if b r. Dont change is tactics. We win the odd game in 3 thats not good enouth "
29th Dec 2012 5:46
"Everyone needs to start somewhere. Shankly did. BR show us a plan, eg, yr 1- 8th, yr 2- 6th, yr 3- top 4, yr 4-win it. Each yr, strengthen team as needed. Plan goes well, win or lose, we all supportive to BR, Players, Owners, as long as plan is achieved. No more need new manager, Rafa back, owners bad, The plan has not been laid out for the fans to see, it is our team, no supporters=no team. "
29th Dec 2012 5:48
"Defense needs a reshuffle. Come on mr manager it's not working its time or Coates. I think Sahin needs to be called back Shelvey is just not good enough."
29th Dec 2012 5:48
"He only a mid table experience manager. Using LFC as experiment to success. One direction tactical and no surprise tactic hiding in his sleeves."
29th Dec 2012 5:58
"If we fail to bring any striker, we should call andy carroll back Given the number of chances we are creating, he can certainly score goals and his height is certainly is an advantageous factor "
29th Dec 2012 5:58
"To Dear GHS50, So you willing to give BR 3 years before we could play in CL. and wait 4 years to we could win our 19th BPL Champion. Why we did not this opportunity to KD. At least after 1.5 season he bring back us glory by winning Capitol One and Final in FA Cup."
29th Dec 2012 5:58
"If we fail to bring any striker, we should call andy carroll back Given the number of chances we are creating, he can certainly score goals and his height is certainly is an advantageous factor "
29th Dec 2012 6:00
"Come on l f c make a statment and buy 3 wold class players next week If we dont we are T No more kids "
29th Dec 2012 6:03
"To all Liverpool fans, Why would you all give your comments & recommendations to the BOSS BR, he WILL NOT be listening to any of us. The club will only do it as they please... BUSINESS. We are just throwing frustrations & discontentments, Just LOVE the club, LOVE the game... YNWA"
29th Dec 2012 6:10
"Q p r 2 v 1. L f c L f c 1 v 1 sun. I bet mansfield cant wait 2 get us. B r pull ypur finger out top 3 what a load of bull"
29th Dec 2012 7:17
"As a former player(LW),I would say that our manager need more balanced team.PL has became more tactical and physical in last 2 years.Teams like Stoke,Everton,Sunderland, WBA and Swansea are examples.Balance between form,tacticts and physio is on high level,they set up them.Cntd..."
29th Dec 2012 7:29
"Dhd39 BR is !!! Paranoid?"
29th Dec 2012 7:30
"...I try to say that LFC wouldn't play vs.muscular teams with Sterling,Allen or Suso,cause they need to improve.Also,you can see pretty high tempo in EPL,mostly.Ph.condition was reason for some conceded goals and losts(vs.Villa or WBA).Tacticts-game vs.Stoke showed that our manager had no idea what to do or-was helpless!?Cntd...."
29th Dec 2012 7:34
"Buddha, if that was the case do you think he would have left Swansea if the team finances ect were in such a bad place? KK team played better football created more chances and with a bit more luck would have won the FA cup and finished top 4. Cont"
29th Dec 2012 7:36
"...And what can be done?I think that team has to improve-first on the training ground and gym,second to make some deeper analyses of tacticts vs.different teams.manures are one side,Wigan is other and so...Let's bounce back and beat QPR.YNWA>"
29th Dec 2012 7:37
"We are now a mile from where we were. On the player front are Allen Borini Assaidi Sturridge any better than Suarez Henderson Coates Carroll Downing Ect ? I honestly don't think they are if anything there worse that's why we are now worse. Cont"
29th Dec 2012 8:00
"We shouldn't expect big signings in January because the best players are still playing in the CL and we haven't got big money to buy 3 big name players. LFC needs to run like a business with income exceeding outgoings or we end up in administration. It nearly happened before. "
29th Dec 2012 8:08
""honesty of the group and the players"... what the **** is he talking about! Bring back Rafa and sack this one season wonder bafoon!"
29th Dec 2012 8:42
"Thats right BR. We will defeat QPR. No thought it. They are struggling at the moment. Our problem has been that we just cannot beat the mid to above mid table teams. I think BR needs to blame himself and passing blame to his players only."
29th Dec 2012 9:28
"time to start again we need new owners this is the 2 nd set of septic owners who are draging the name of lfc in the . as for b r enough is enough get rid before he wastes more money on below parr players we have enough allready."
29th Dec 2012 9:37
"BULL S***T we supporters don't need reaction but consistency week in week out. Talk talk talk, munure don't talk too much but on the field of play. Our players talk too much, gag them. Need Cara to lead at the back, no leader and organizer, Pepe just keeps quiet."
29th Dec 2012 9:40
"If FSG dont have big money, just get out of here FSG. Have many people intrested to owned this club. FSG just make this club only as a memories of the past. He just give a empty promises. "
29th Dec 2012 9:57
"From the beginning, we know that appointing BR was a gambling decision by the Americans to cut costs. BR in young, not experience and he is learning. He made many mistakes and he still do many. Loaning Andy Carol is a mistake. Using so many young players is a big mistake. But what is most worrying me is BR a puppy in the American hands, everyday comes with different lie, he is a joker. "
29th Dec 2012 10:06
""We need that wee bit more experience, especially at the top end of the field." Brenda do you mean Maxi, Kuyt and Bellami?"
29th Dec 2012 10:43
"Sounds like Harry would be ideal for us.I reckon QPR will beat the drop. "
Rush job
29th Dec 2012 10:56
"No 7- correct."
29th Dec 2012 11:44
"I would suggest that, on paper we have a better team than most of the teams that have beaten us. Why then can't BR motivate the players like other managers. To often the team play with a total lack of spirit. I would sooner see Cara play at the moment"
29th Dec 2012 11:47
"Let RAFA continue managing Chelsea. BR at this moment is the person to manage LFC. His vision is long-term. We just have to be patient. Results will come..."
29th Dec 2012 15:08
29th Dec 2012 15:17
"i just ask u 1 question? who are Brendan Rodgers and how many trophy he win before come to LFC. Lets compare LFC players and swansea, west ham, west brom, ast willa and stoke palyers. If you see line earth and sky but we still defeated with this team. We have many top players but we have bad manager. LFC team already complete. Just change to experienced manager. "
29th Dec 2012 18:16
"Now I've seen the way villa are getting a hammering from chelski spurs and Wigan I can see what a bad side we are well short"
29th Dec 2012 19:16
"wat a boring article"
29th Dec 2012 20:30
"WE ARE GONNA HAMMER QPR.....4-0. Another from SG ....maybe Suaraz a couple....nice to see Stirling get one. WE ARE LFC.....WE SHALL OVERCOME. YNWA-JFT96"
Gordon Ottershaw
29th Dec 2012 21:20
"So so negative. This site is becoming a bore and tedium is stating in with all these over the top negative comments posted. Get real, it takes time....yes time. 1 ...2 ... 3 ... Years. Who knows...all I know is it will take time. To rise again. YNWA"
29th Dec 2012 23:25
"Rodgers added: "The reality at a club of this size and stature is you go in [to games] and the expectancy is to win every one, home and away." This is very true, and because he sees it as that, I believe he is the right man for our beloved club. He has a vision. YNWA!"
30th Dec 2012 0:03
"I would like Brendan to understand that the time didn't start at this club with his arrival. Inconsistency has been a major problem for around 2 decades now. Players will respond like they always did... yeah, they need to loose a game and only then they can win one? Sort it out or you'll be only another former flop manager of LFC. Come on."
30th Dec 2012 2:05
"I often choose to read most times and although I am put off by some of the crap BR talks and some decisons he makes. As frustrated as I am right now it is only right we support the manager in true LFC fashion. His inexperiences are there to see and anyone with a brain would have seen that coming during his appointment. cont"
30th Dec 2012 2:06
"cont. But he needs time to try and make something happen. There are less than 20 games to go and we need to see if at the end of the season if we have truly made progress (anything higher than 8th). Top4 was always going to be a long term project but 6th should be attainable for LFC at this point "
30th Dec 2012 2:11
"As for FSG some of you are living in fairy land talking out the side of your mouths now you know LFC are safe when the truth is that when were heading towards admin you were sh1***g your pants "
30th Dec 2012 2:14
"The facts is that FSG spent heavily and KD blasted it on less than average British shizer believing it was 1988 or something. Kenny has never really been that good with money and should have never been allowed neaar the kitty let alone allowed to spend 100mil+"
30th Dec 2012 2:18
"Any bum and his dog could have told kd that henderson at that price was a mistake, carroll never even seemed like suiting his system and was defo a huge mistake whilst downing was always a mistake point blank period. kd is a good players manager but nothing more. spending- sucked and media skills totally and absolutely sucked even more which didnt help gain any LFC allies."
30th Dec 2012 2:40
"BR can bring in good quality players. But if the owner is so stingy and only wants cheap players then whichever manager will have,be it Rafa or Mourinho,the end result is going to be the same. Just look at the dealing of clint Dempsey. Who is at fault? Definitely not Rodger. It is John Henry fault. "
30th Dec 2012 6:01
" hit da nail on the head mate. All you who think that FSG is our greatest gift and cannot understand why all the negativity towards them need look no further. They made a statement when they bungled the Dempsey issue. You have just gone loaned your 35 bar striker. There are no other options. You WILL not have an out and out striker for 6 months...cont."
30th Dec 2012 6:09
" wanna haggle over pennies. More over it is a player who is a fan and expressed his desire openly to wear the red shirt. Guys....go and do some work regarding FSG losses this season with the Red Sox. It is costing LFC. If these guys gave 2 hoots whether we had a striker tells you that their heart is NOT with LFC. As I have said all along the LFC way is to support the manager. "
30th Dec 2012 6:13
"Cont..BR is being used as a scapegoat. He is professional and wants nothing more than to emulate the past great leaders of our beloved LFC. BR heart is with LFC I have absolutely no doubt about that. PLS NO MORE TALK OF WASTED MILLIONS BY KK. This is a fickle win sum and you loose some. Man City lost million with Robhino etc....cont."
30th Dec 2012 6:17
"Cont..for those of you who still think that KK has burnt FSG fingers. I challenge you to go and work the numbers. Calculate every single sale and purchase will be SHOCKED to find what FSG real investment has been. Pocket changed compared to what they have invested in the Red Socks. CASE CLOSED.....YNWA - JFT96"
30th Dec 2012 7:00
"Glad to hear regular updates from you, Brendan, that we know the day-to-day progress of our team. But other than and TTT, you don't have to be too generous with the other medias. They tend to use it against you and our club."
30th Dec 2012 11:09
"Get walcott and boudebouz, i'm ok with getting ince back. Not very fond of bringing sturridge in especially how much we're paying for him. Same story from KD days buying over priced players look at allen as an example. BR your a good coach but get real mate you're now managing LFC"
30th Dec 2012 11:33
"Not sure wot sahin did to get dropped n when hendo came on against WH we scored the winner. Werz assaidi he seems to be on a break with the europa league. Give him a chance to play in the PL he'll bring sumin different on the pitch. on BR we're LFC fans so we'll support u throughout but get it together now before ur days are numbered, KD was LFC but inconsistency cost him his job. YNWA"
SGM 73
30th Dec 2012 15:59
"delusions of grandeur? speak for yourself, bell end. And take that idiot AC30 with you..."