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it would be a dream come true if he came in, but I have the feeling he will choose PSG or a team who can grant him Champions League football. Same old consideration made for the other potential world class players who have been linked to us.
27th Dec 2012 15:40
27th Dec 2012 15:55
"I'd like to see us bring in Damiao and Matias Suarez along with Sturridge. Damiao is a unique big man in the mould of Adebayor he's skillful with good feet and has pace and has shown he can score goals. This is the perfect time to get him the Brasilian season has finished. M.Suarez is also a striker/winger who can make the difference we need players of this ilk"
27th Dec 2012 15:57
"I'm Fed up with All the Speculation with Every Footballer on the Market being Linked with LFC in the Transfer Window..... I'd just Like it if we waited UNTIL the Window opens for us being linked with Every player that could possibly be up for sale? YNWA REDS"
27th Dec 2012 15:57
"£7.5million? GET HIM!!!"
27th Dec 2012 16:35
"We will get 3 new faces Sturidge Ince and Burtland thats it that all we can afford, and these 3 is for us to fight relegation never thought I would write these words, "
27th Dec 2012 16:36
27th Dec 2012 16:45
"not goinig to raise my expectations the fact is this idiot thinks he'll get t4 with stropage and ince guess what not happing but fsg love him coz hes a yes man well see how clever they are at end of season its getting harder to stay positive"
27th Dec 2012 16:49
27th Dec 2012 17:47
"Most of you lot will have egg on your faces. "
27th Dec 2012 18:23
"Luis7?9. I'm with you mate. Glad someone else is keeping the faith. Y.N.W.A."
Champions Of Europe
27th Dec 2012 18:45
"So many deluded fans who cannot accept we are a mid-table team who wont attract CL players. I hate being there, but will keep supporting my team & manager to get us out of it if they can, if they can't then I'm not going to stop supporting them. Shame we live in a world of 'I want it all now'. Luis7?9 & Bowlsy, great support lads, not many of us left like you two."
27th Dec 2012 19:19
"we need some stinking rich arab to buy our club until this happens we will not get top class players wanting to come to us"
27th Dec 2012 20:48
"We aren't going to do any bidding. It's a, 'tea lady on a free', period for our once great club. "
27th Dec 2012 21:29
"dont want him and if we do for i bet about 50million he'll be a FLOP"
27th Dec 2012 21:56
"With good toasting, we can get him in. He pairs well with other strikers plus he is not selfish. He is more clinical and would be perfect playing more central and atimes exchanging with Suarez to ease the tension and attention on Luis. 100% backing for such a great and ridiculously cheap talent...YNWA!"
27th Dec 2012 22:18
"i dont want to give mike ashley more money he dosent deserve..if he is 7.5 then only pay that..not another 30mil..still need to expand our horizens..ive wished for rodrigo and jese rodriguez but wont ill wait for sturridge and icne to come..but for the summer wait..i dunno..i hate waiting till the last day to see who we have bought,,,and thats even if we buy any1.."
27th Dec 2012 22:20
"lol ..who remembers the mata threads on here every 5 seconds someone said mata... oh how i wish we got him dosent MATA now"
28th Dec 2012 1:23
"thats it then d villa to chelsea may be 6millon he wants to join his wage is huge"
28th Dec 2012 3:41
"Ba is a dream come true for 'rosso76 (27th Dec 2012 15:40)??? Small dreams!"
jb 1966
28th Dec 2012 8:47
"yes it would be great to get all the top players we are still a club to be reckoned with but one thing we all must do is KEEP THE FAITH the start to the season has not been a good one but lets see if we can end it on a high KEEP SUPPORTING.we are the best fans in the world.lets see what the jan window brings. "
28th Dec 2012 10:47
"I am still hopefull that we can sign a few BIG names. Whether we do or not is another thing, however, all those saying we cannot now attract big names, let me remind you again for the umpteenth time. West Ham signed Tevez and Masch and couldnt offer them anything more than league footy. Lets hope. YNWA."
28th Dec 2012 10:51
"He is quality and cheap so we definitely will not want to sign him. Have we not noticed we prefer to sign low quality, flops and expensive British players. Who is better? Ba or Sturridge? Who is cheaper? Ba or Sturridge? Who will we rush sign? Sturridge. Let the sentimental followers continue to encourage such moves as they did with Carroll, Henderson, Downing, Adam. What a waste of money! YNWA "
28th Dec 2012 11:06
"versic, Ba would be a dream come true as we can only afford that kind of targets according to the cash which FSG make available! I say a dream because it seems FSG will keep pursuing the usual overpriced and overrated british players and once again we will be left empty-handed by our owners!"
28th Dec 2012 11:28
"Come on guys get behind the team, yeah things are wrong but theres nothing whining on here is going to acheive please see the positives and SUPPORT the club YNWA "
28th Dec 2012 11:36
"Take the step to top four.Get Demba Ba,Leandro Damiao and Sturridge...and Carroll back.then we have a team that can play 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 and even 4-3-1-2.Not that boring same system 4-3-3against the wall every game."
29th Dec 2012 17:58
"get gary hooper"
30th Dec 2012 11:30
"damio and matias suarez? there not what we need. we need a proven PREMIER LEAGUE goalscorer. ba would be amazing if we could afford him"