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I hope that LFC signs him because he is good and not because He Is English.
27th Dec 2012 10:57
27th Dec 2012 11:14
"We Need GOALS not goal keepers, "
27th Dec 2012 11:25
"Need new blood in goal similar to Hart at City."
27th Dec 2012 11:55
"we need him desperately as pepe has lost his form badly and needs dropping again"
SlimJayJaga 9ja
27th Dec 2012 11:59
"I pity doz dat think our beloved club LFC don't need a we hv one ? No. Reina iz just a carton standin on dat goal post...#pls BR get us a world class finisher and a goal keeper...."
SlimJayJaga 9ja
27th Dec 2012 12:02
"I can do better than pepe CALAMITY reina on dat goal post...#pls gt us a better keeper in butland "
27th Dec 2012 12:04
"We do need him. Pressure 4pepe and he does look good with a very promising future. Can learn a lot from pepe. Everyone has dip in form. Everyone learning the new system and they will get better. I have the faith. Building the team will take time. Good luck and a happy new year."
27th Dec 2012 12:05
"FSG out unless another 100 - 200 million is splurged to compete with other clubs like Chelsea and MU to bring in world class players like Falcao, Cavani, etc before building players around them....Look at Barcelona. No more FSG crap on long term strategies to build squad, blah, blah..."
27th Dec 2012 12:13
"I hope so, Pepe Reina would be a good teacher for Butland and could keep him under his protective wing and help him grow to become our future num. 1. Get him!"
27th Dec 2012 12:22
"To fanatic42, we do not need a goal keeper and even if we do, we have enough better keepers in the club already. we've had enough of sub-standard english players... please br go out there and get winners not juust because they r english as downing, hendeson, carrol and cole."
27th Dec 2012 12:24
"Good news if we can get Butland. Put him straight in the team."
27th Dec 2012 12:28
"I don't really know how good this guy is, but Pepe is still struggling after 18 months. I would love for him to get back to his best, but at the moment it's too easy to score against us."
27th Dec 2012 12:35
"don't forget his playmate Nathan Redmond, pacey with ball control."
27th Dec 2012 12:49
"I don't know him but I'm sure he's better than what we have."
27th Dec 2012 12:50
"Think it will be a mistake if LFC do not sign Jack Butland in january ."
27th Dec 2012 12:51
"This is one transfer I approve of."
27th Dec 2012 13:08
"I remember when we were pleading with Kenny to sign Santi Cazorla or Juan Mata, or even both of them. He refused and then went ahead to sign Downing, henderson, etc. That man is the reason why we are where we are today what a waste of fortune, so I can understand FSG being penny pinching. Kenny killed us all and our top 4 chances."
27th Dec 2012 15:19
"This is NOT what we need!! Don´t waste money!!"
27th Dec 2012 15:45
"I like Butland, lets bring him in and sell Pepe for £20mil to Arsenal. lets also sell Johnson for £15m and Suarez for £40m, then we can go and rebuild the squad"
27th Dec 2012 15:53
"if he's that good, bring him so that he can bring competition to Reina, coz Reina is becoming a little rusty as of late!!!"
27th Dec 2012 16:57
"I have a feeling that Reina leaving us soon. Jones got a contract and a youngster is a target to keep jones at his best. Besides i do not understand why jones cant start against crosses loving teams as he is much taller."
27th Dec 2012 17:21
"So what happens to Reina, Jones and Gulacsi?"
27th Dec 2012 17:25
"Shahin = Rubbish, Asaidi = Rubbish, Allen = Rubbish, too lightweight, springs all around the place like a little fairy, Pixie, Tinkerbell, people like scoles could swat him like a fly. Now Sturridge and possibly Ince! This club is being systematically Shrunken by FSG, Rodgers is not a big enough manager for Liverpool!"
the regent
27th Dec 2012 18:24
"goalkeeper is needed bcoz reina has lost his form n it doesn't look like it is coming back soon so it might b a good signing if BR signs him."
27th Dec 2012 18:37
"Sooner the better and get rid of that blunder boy we have now......"
27th Dec 2012 18:50
"Go for it.....if he wants to come....GRAB HIM. We need a young top class keeper. If there is one thing we do well's getting the right keepers.....history there."
27th Dec 2012 21:33
"Loopy Loz 15 years of patience? Where's your mate buddha the gem sir? We definitely need Pepe out of gaol. My problem with Buck, is that he actually does'nt know class from poor. Jones at least moves, gives himself a chance, Pepe thinks his reputation can scare the ball away. But Buck and his poor judgement, thinks a scarecrow keeper is world class."
Micky NwaGod
28th Dec 2012 12:10
"if Jack Butland will give us exactly what we are required,then lets go for him but if not lets check on other keeper , like Vicent Enyama from Supper Eagle Nigeria. but meanwhile lets put Reina's features on hold, let him not feature morespecially when we have crussial matches like the STOCK CITY where we lost 3-1 and the next match with QPR, please lets take this advice very very serious. "
28th Dec 2012 13:52