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La La lalalala La La lalala Luiiii Suaaaaarez #####
26th Dec 2012 12:54
SGM 73
26th Dec 2012 12:58
"Good to hear a fan who backs his team to win. He's wrong though, we beat them in both cups last year and should be able to deal with everything they've got. Hope Judas plays, he's a shadow of the man we knew and it will be like playing against 10 men."
26th Dec 2012 12:59
"'It will be cold and hostile' Like North Wales.."
26th Dec 2012 13:19
"2-1, sounds as if he's started on the '5 pints of Bass'!"
26th Dec 2012 13:30
"Forget about 5 pints of bass. The only thing you'll hear from this crew is "Louis Suarez is a cheat" "Suarez Diver" " know what you are". This happens when you've got nowt to cheer about. "
26th Dec 2012 13:47
"Yuo are too much optomistic James! think that if we will do the job at the back, something can happen upfront on our behalf, as you say Stoke suffer quick combinations between the strikers at the edge of the box, so we will have to make them plenty! I am sincere, I say a clean sheet and a goal for us tonight, but I don't expect an entertaining game!"
26th Dec 2012 13:48
"I expect a very tough game, hoping for a win, but suspect a draw, but maybe this could be the game were we actually get a favourable decision ?"
26th Dec 2012 14:03
"I have a sneaky feeling we are going to win comfortably tonight. We have the type of players to cause them havoc. I hope he plays Sterling and Suso and tell them to express themselves. We have the defence to cope with their bullying tactics and in Johnson and Enrique we have a constant stream of attacking ploys. "
26th Dec 2012 14:38
"this is where we wil see the measure of brenden rodgers and how far he can take us a draw is a positive result there if notva win if we lose well i dont know"
26th Dec 2012 16:07
"great stoke and there 10 man back line lol,, mosy boring team in history "
26th Dec 2012 18:40
"With Van Persie & Michu on 13, I pray motherluck on Suarez tonight"
26th Dec 2012 18:47
"stoke rely o their organisation and tough guy image to make teams adjust to their game plan but the best way to approach the game is to concentrate on movement and work rate, pressure them when they have the ball in their own half and we will wi easy as they have only got organisation break that down and they are another fulham waiting to happen 0-3 away win"
26th Dec 2012 18:54
"allen suso and sterling should start from the bench we need work rate and physically strong players for the first maybe 60 minutes then send in the trick's as they tire and make mistakes. imagine at 0-0 those three coming in and taking them apart (mouthwatering) "