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Lets hope for a repeat performance of last week against Fulham. Would love to see Wisdom and Suso back in the team. Good luck lads YNWA
26th Dec 2012 11:43
SGM 73
26th Dec 2012 12:59
"Interesting stats, but the win is the only thing that counts.."
26th Dec 2012 13:00
"Wrong, everton were rightfully beaten by our redmen at home. We'd be only three points out of top 4 if we'd have been given what we fully deserve. Come on Liverpool 3 points today!"
26th Dec 2012 13:40
"Watch out for the class of Huth and Shawcross. Pure quality. A great tag duo. Ryan will be excited...It's his turn to stamp on Luiz's chest. They racked up 5 yellows last week. They will look to improve today. We need a good ref but there's no such commodity in the prem."
26th Dec 2012 13:53
"Stats mean nothing. The only thing that matters is what we do today. We have to bring our A game to win there in the league for the first time. Looking for BR to bring his strategies and tactical prowess to the fore here today....FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE BR"
26th Dec 2012 14:01
"we never won at Britannia in EPL, let's hope we will dispel this taboo tonight and can afford to replicate in the right manner to a hostile environment, but to fulfil this feat anything has to click and the ref direction has to be fair and lacking mistakes. would love to see the same squad who beat Fulham except Nuri Sahin on! Best of luck lads! YNWA"
26th Dec 2012 16:58
"Matches against Stoke are always physical and not good to see, so tonight I won't be watching. I hope that we win and get the points and get rid of Stoke. Anyway, this team is not easy to beat!!!."
26th Dec 2012 22:07
"and the final result you truanted 3 goal..2 goal so easy. take you rest. So bored to see short keeper. Jones can do better"