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Try and do us proud by getting a goal and an assist today.#ynwa
Super man
26th Dec 2012 10:08
26th Dec 2012 10:22
"Just keep working harder and stay focused"
26th Dec 2012 10:28
"The way he is developing as a player is a testimony of how Raheem has grown according to sound principles and education and how following that route he hold the weapons to become a all-round international and a lad not easily forgettable for LFC supporters! Keep working this way young Raheem! You are on the right path! Happy Christmas and New Year lad! YNWA Raheem Sterling"
26th Dec 2012 11:00
"Super Man give it a rest Raheem makes me proud just to see him on a football field wearing Liverpool colours he has come from so much and if we have to rely on and 18 year old to get our goals and assists then we really are doomed"
26th Dec 2012 11:05
"Don't care much for England Raheem.....only LFC. You have made a huge statement by signing for us. We want your pound of flesh man. Make your mum proud and give us a goal or a goal can do it buddy. YOU THE MAN"
26th Dec 2012 11:53
"just keep your feet on the ground raheem and do your talking on the pitch. you are a good player and can become a great one. fans who slate FSG are wrong as they could have made a tidy profit on R.S but gave him a decent contract. that shows their commitment to LFC and that they believe in our future as well. YNWA"
26th Dec 2012 11:55
"I am sure you will blossom into a great Liverpool player. I am more interested to see you grow and terrorise opposing teams! YNWA!"
SGM 73
26th Dec 2012 12:50
"Great to see a player who respects the national team and understands what an honour it is to play for your country. Too many put club before country these days because of the money. I've got Jamaican roots too, but having grown up here, it's all about the England... "
26th Dec 2012 12:52
"when you have the chance talk to John Barnes, for future does and dont's. he has done it all very successfuly"
26th Dec 2012 14:28
"SGM 73, wow you learn something new every day. I have part Jamaican roots so I guess a ceasefire is in order, lol. "
26th Dec 2012 16:47
"why cant we keep same team that played fulham makes sence may be"
26th Dec 2012 17:08
"so glad he's signed the contract so he can get on with what he does best! just needs to keep working hard and listening and he will become a legend go raheem !!!!"
26th Dec 2012 19:33
"Keep going Raheem, we love you. YNWA"
26th Dec 2012 20:41
"Buddha I think SGM73s silence speaks I think youve got more chance of Ani Rd proposing to you."