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sounds like a good bit of business for end of season but we need players in jan firstly. YNWA
17th Dec 2012 21:46
the regent
17th Dec 2012 22:13
"finally lfc searching for defender "
the regent
17th Dec 2012 22:14
"finally lfc searching for defender "
17th Dec 2012 22:42
"I would be over the moon if we got Isco and Soldado or Huntelaar"
17th Dec 2012 22:48
"never heard before, anyway if he's talented he would be welcome as we need to strenghten our centre backs stock YNWA"
17th Dec 2012 23:35
"by the sounds of it this is the way were going can only see 10 to 15 mill spent in jan max cant see a world class player like saurez putting up with this much longer all talk poor action the next to weeks will tell us were we are going to be for next 3 years never mind jan window at brs rate of prod grthion we should be relegated in 2014"
18th Dec 2012 0:36
"LFC do aleady have Coates,Kelly,Sama,Wisdom all of them can play fullbacks or central defenders so why not giving them a chance."
18th Dec 2012 6:17
"Sounds like the search is on for Carragher's replacement. And with the likes of Wisdom and Kelly covering at right back, a centre back is definitely needed. Only question is around Danny Wilson...does Rodgers not rate him?"
Papa Syed
18th Dec 2012 6:22
"Yesil has not featured fully in 1st team but is it going to be the same for him? Brought in but under utilised. More games please for Samed to give him more confidence since he was lacklustre in the U21 game vs Singapore even though he scored with a cheeky back heel."
18th Dec 2012 6:42
"plyNored is correct. We need "players", that certainly does not apply to Sturridge. He can't play."
18th Dec 2012 7:29
"I just did some research on him. He's good in the air but with a pass success rate of 79%, he's weak for a defender and not the type of player in the Rodgers mold. Back to the drawing board Clubcall!"