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quality right winger, a mix of experience and skills which we would need to give some breath to Raheem Sterling. Let's hope we try to purchase him just in january.
17th Dec 2012 15:24
17th Dec 2012 16:08
"Arda Turan is a player who is a LFC fan who has on many occasions told LFC to come get him and yet he went on the cheap to athletico madrid.Go get him and he will give LFC the width they lack thus providing the crosses and passes for the likes of Suarez and other strikers the ammo to score.He will give LFC alot more than the failures have given."
17th Dec 2012 16:08
"Yes I think We should go for Arda Turan as He is a Class player that Supports Liverpool so that would be a Real bonus if we could sign him. YNWA REDS "
17th Dec 2012 17:54
"rosso76, Turan is not a right winger. He prefers the central playmaking role but often plays on the left wing. Also - and I'm not knocking Sterling, who I rate very highly - he would not be here to give Sterling a rest. Sterling would need to redouble his efforts to be fit to lace Turan's boots, as would most players in the world. He'd be here to play as well as help youngsters grow."
17th Dec 2012 17:55
"Also, Turan is a self-declared Liverpool fan, so, go get him, Brendan!"
17th Dec 2012 18:24
"would be a great addition.. experienced, at the right age, quick, got good agility, creative and confident.. If he's available and the moneys right he'd be worth a shot.."
17th Dec 2012 18:31
"does not lose the ball"
17th Dec 2012 18:43
"BR!!!!!!! please get him.. "
17th Dec 2012 19:07
"bullc**p believe it when i see it we are linked with all these top stars and we end up with overpriced rubbish "
17th Dec 2012 19:23
"yes wuld like him but my prerence is for dries mertens please brendan "
17th Dec 2012 22:36
"If we are getting a midfielder get Henrik Mekhitarian instead. Has scored 18 goals so far."
18th Dec 2012 6:19
"Right wing is definitely a gap area..."
Papa Syed
18th Dec 2012 6:30
"ok no problem...get him!"
18th Dec 2012 7:40
"would be a dream to have him but why would he drop champions leauge for europa...maybe hell be tempted by fa cup?"
18th Dec 2012 12:39
"On this site we called for D. Silva, Aguero, Cazorla, Mata, Turan, etc. True, we can't sign all of them but when we had the chance to spend we opted for Carroll, Henderson, Downing, Adam and ??? If you indeed love LFC, u'll be the first to admit the best players are not English. So I am baffled when people keep on encouraging moves for Sturridge and Ince. I pray we get Arda. YNWA "
19th Dec 2012 0:30
"Gotze to LFC! BooooooYaaaaa!!"