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get him, that is the type of player we need.
17th Dec 2012 14:45
17th Dec 2012 14:56
"decent striker, we pursued him last summer. For me he could be a decent alternative to Huntelaar, Demba Ba, Bony and Gomis, nothing more! Get him if we won't be able to reach one of these four."
17th Dec 2012 15:02
"good player still young has alot to learn not very strong tho which he needs to work on "
17th Dec 2012 15:08
"Pricey for a wolfswinkel. "
17th Dec 2012 16:32
"Said it 18 months ago, buy Suarez and Wolfswinkel. KK and Comoli bought Suarez and Carroll... get him now!"
17th Dec 2012 16:40
"For a guy who signed a new deal last month and said he wanted to stay? Joke as usual"
17th Dec 2012 17:03
"Rosso76 you have a comment for everyone thing that gets posted.hey!_expert you"
17th Dec 2012 17:21
"He's still very young, and has done very well in two different leagues. I think that's a good sign."
17th Dec 2012 17:42
"He would be a great signing! HUGE potential. He can dribble, he can shoot, he is a great poacher but still has the athleticism to not be as dreadful as Carroll on the pitch. BR PLEASE SIGN HIM I BEG YOU. I NEED LIVERPOOL FC TO RETURN ON THE RISE. YNWA"
17th Dec 2012 17:55
"Would rather get Sturridge, to be honest."
17th Dec 2012 18:07
"And we are looking at Sturridge. A player who can't compete with a mis-firing striker. Brendon must behaving a laugh."
17th Dec 2012 19:16
"for me blows hot and cold"
17th Dec 2012 19:21
"would like to have him as one of 4 strikers at our club"
17th Dec 2012 19:29
"If we need to be quick to sign the better players in the transfer window then i wont hold my breath we will once again drag our heels hoping to get them on the cheap and will be left with the also rans Ian Ayre talks about we will like what we see then we talk about Sturridge what a joke. "
17th Dec 2012 20:06
"Thats the man. Hope we get him."
17th Dec 2012 21:39
"good goals to games ratio. we could do with 2 strikers really. ynwa"
18th Dec 2012 0:54
"This is another player who we have been linked with, let him develop at another club and then have to pay bigger bucks for. Maybe we should take a gamble sometimes"
18th Dec 2012 4:11
" Christ that is the player I've been going on about all year this boy knows where the bak of the net is he fits the bill he's young hungry for success and I think he'd jump at the chance to come to anfield"
19th Dec 2012 8:17
"This is definitely a better use of LFC resources than the rumoured £12m for Sturridge. Imagine, van Wolfswinkel...£2m cheaper and a proven goal scorer!"