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yes but only on the man u games. they need controlling. How about some Alsatians too?
17th Dec 2012 14:34
17th Dec 2012 15:11
"For me the grounds don't need the nets. I trust the sensitiveness and cleverness of the supporters. What happen at the Ethiad Stadium two weeks ago should need as a lesson so that it does not happen any more. Let's boost the controls ast the attendance in the stadiums by mean of the public safety."
17th Dec 2012 18:47
"No, otherwise we'll be back to being caged in like before Hillsborough. Clubs need to educate all supporters, via their websites, matchday programmes and posters in and around the grounds Anyone caught behaving antisocially at a match should be heavily fined, banned for life and named/shamed. "
17th Dec 2012 22:28
"Agree with rosso76 a hundred per cent,could have not put it better myself.Good post rosso76."
17th Dec 2012 23:17
"Absolutely no nets ever. Vincent Kompany summed it up for me in his interview last week when he said "... keep treating fans as human beings and not animals that have to be behind cages." "
18th Dec 2012 8:31
"hey yea, how can people throw things at rio if we implement these nets! But in seriousness, have to agree with Kompany's comments."