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Chelsea won't be looking at gomis not a chance. Replace a striker of Torres calibre with gomis? More like falco or cavani etc lazy journalism like pretty much every transfer rumour by the media total guess work to fill their sites. We need a goal scoring attacking mid to play behind the box striker we are screaming out for FSG. Time to really show ambition was last window get your fingers out.
17th Dec 2012 12:27
17th Dec 2012 13:29
"i think he would be good for us but i can't see it i think we will end up with sturridge. ( bad move!"
17th Dec 2012 13:54
"let the Chavs have him.. we can sign Llorente for less in Jan and get him free in the summer.. i would like Liverpool to spend big on 1 top class striker like Cavani and get Llorente and Alexis Sanchez as back up to Cavani and Suarez... "
17th Dec 2012 15:02
"with Huntelaar, D. Ba and Bony, Gomis is one of our four possible excellent options for centre forward role. Linked even to Yilmaz and Van Wolsfvinkel but not good on the same level for me. Gomis is besides an excellent option in terms of price tag and salary wage. Get him if possible!"
17th Dec 2012 16:01
"We don't want Sturridge. Wake up Brendon. Bring that loser to Anfield and your popularity will nose dive. Cavani, simple as."
17th Dec 2012 19:18
"Prefer him to Stockfish"
17th Dec 2012 19:19
"Prefer him to Stockfish"
17th Dec 2012 19:24
"He's better than Sturridge and Torres, massive strength and he shrugs off players like there's no tomorrow - I've watched the guy play in person, he's another Didier i'm telling you. If motivated, he'll dominate."
17th Dec 2012 21:15
"Sadly,cant see FSG providing enough money to buy what we really need,a top class free scoring striker,oh well we might sign Sturridge,god help us...Theres no point as fans getting excited about The tranfer window,nothing much is going to happen."