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I wouldn't give us one either, we have a reputation of going down softly and crying about correct rulings. We have given them an easy, "not out".
17th Dec 2012 10:23
17th Dec 2012 10:39
"we have to put this defeat behind us, but we have to put behind us even last global performance, of course except the first 25 minutes! hope that you will come back to your high standard of display Glen and be not repeated these misjudgements by the ref, a pity that FA have it with us!"
17th Dec 2012 10:40
"we have to put this defeat behind us, but we have to put behind us even last global performance, of course except the first 25 minutes! hope that you will come back to your high standard of display Glen and be not repeated these misjudgements by the ref, a pity that FA have it with us!"
17th Dec 2012 11:18
"What's been up with the voting for best man against Villa? Nothing for 2 days then today only getting Johnson & Gerrard up. Not often Downing stands a chance of winning it but he worked his socks off on Saturday. "
17th Dec 2012 11:29
"I am not alone in believing Stevie G, brilliant though he has been and can still be, has not been playing to his best for the last three games and should be left out for a while, to show that nobody is owed a starting eleven berth in this team."
17th Dec 2012 11:31
"And also, even though I truly have a soft spot for the very humble Joe Cole, and remember his past brilliance on the ball and as a fabulous goal scorer for England, I'm not convinced he's really up to the pace of the modern game..."
17th Dec 2012 11:33
"Somebody tell me I'm wrong - and why - on both counts. I really do want to be wrong about this..."
Rush job
17th Dec 2012 11:53
"Davidorosso. Im wondering if Stevies presence in the starting 11 having been so ineffectual may be having a demotivating effect on the players? Imagine grafting all week yet knowing that no matter what- Stevie plays. Nobody should be bigger than the club."
17th Dec 2012 12:02
"BR, Experiment and put this team out agaist Fulham. Its called a 3-5-2 formation in case you were wondering. Reina, Agger, Coates, Skrtel, Enrique and Johnson on both flanks as they can both attack as well as defend, Suso, Sahin, Lucas, Suarez and Shelvey."
17th Dec 2012 12:17
"We should stop moaning about poor decisions..if we play well den d ref and der bias decision will not b agsnt us"
17th Dec 2012 12:37
"Have to concede that Downing was one of, if not our only, stand out performers on Sat, but he still has to go. Really surprised the likes of Suso, Assaidi and Wisdom weren't involved.???"
17th Dec 2012 12:43
"Poor is the only word for it. Team for saturday needs to be 4-3-3 as usual with Pepe in goal. Johnson,Skrtel,Agger,Jose Henderson,Lucas,Shelvey Pacheco,Suarez,Downing. Only reason Downing is in as he is playing like he is in the shop window. "
17th Dec 2012 12:46
"Lets put Allen's recent performance behind us "
17th Dec 2012 13:18
"when you have room you look for a teammates and give him a gud pass and you go forward in a way to create space. not just take the ball and run and all the defenders are back to defend because your head is down running"
17th Dec 2012 13:30
"Rushjob. Play poor and not only will you get a start in the team but you will also get praised by BR for being magnificent. #Easilyimpressed!"
17th Dec 2012 13:31
"some fans are mstaking tactics. allen maybe at fault for some ball but when he create space to receive the ball he don't get. others like to driblle. they think they are on the streets. keep the ball for themselves. how many ball sterling lost, glen lost, suarez lost. so its a team problem. because they are want to be hero. sterling must learn to do the easy way. "
17th Dec 2012 13:49
"Here's how to construct LFC Team: 1) Ban all players from talking to press. (often loose immediately after) 2) Ban manager Too 3) New captain that can actually tell the players to buckle up, no lead by example woffle 4) Get players/managers to read through comments on LFC or delete. 5) Ban all supporters who wants BR to be sacked? 5) No talk of positions or ambitions, just win the next game."
17th Dec 2012 13:50
"On the first goal nobody closed Benteke down before he shot, on the second Weisman had noone within 10 feet of him on his run since everyone was looking at Benteke-it's called "beginning defending", maybe they can look at it. If you can't score, you certainly have to be able to defend."
17th Dec 2012 13:53
"Well said Glen. We'll be okay. In Brendan we trust!"
17th Dec 2012 14:01
"id think about dropping gerrard if im honest"
17th Dec 2012 14:07
"Show us on Saturday your style and passion by burying a couple past Fulham. You are class when attacking and striking the ball without thinking. Let's put the result beyond doubt in the first half by scoring three or four, then play exhibition football in the second half. YNWA "
17th Dec 2012 15:10
"Glen your mistakes are always are the one who let Bentekee shoot the ball with out any will never never get matured.Moron."
Dede 7
17th Dec 2012 19:54
"thats the good thing about being a warrior. we shall bounce back. good players accept and learn from their mistakes. you have the best atmosphere at Anfield take advantage of that our dear players. THE FANS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN FANTASTIC AT ANFIELD. THEY DESERVE BETTER RESULTS. YNWA."
18th Dec 2012 3:05
"Glen..dont put it behind .lest u loose focus...keep it in the forefront and perhaps the team can always remember how badly they played !!"
18th Dec 2012 7:07
"I'm coming 200 miles to Anfield Saturday for the Fulham game. Please play football and win "
18th Dec 2012 8:23
"Yes..the players and their manager can put so many loses and excuses behind them. It does not cost them to attend a match. They get paid to be there. For us the fans it cost to watch our team play and it hurts to see our team lose winnable sucks."
18th Dec 2012 10:31
"Martin Kelly or Jack Robinson on the right back and Glen Johnson on the right wing.. Later off Kelly/Robinson, Johnson back to the defense and Sterling on to the right wing. Left back Flanno/Enrique while left wing Assaidi. Honestly I have faith in Flanagan and Robinson."
18th Dec 2012 10:32
"There was no penalty there Glen. They both were pulling one anothers shirts. "
Always A Red
18th Dec 2012 13:15
"KK played Flanagan and Kelly and they did a good job! Why is Suso not playing more often and for a full 90mins? Maybe Suarez should be droppped - we scored 3 goals and won a match without him in the side - go figure!"
18th Dec 2012 14:00
"Just for once, how about 'sorry everyone, we were rubbish and we have to get better' ? Don't think I've ever heard an apology from a player or the manager, despite a series of substandard, unacceptable performances."