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At least they did fight like a warriors! Well done lads, hope it was great experience and next you surelly gonna beat them Sporting ;) YNWA !!
16th Dec 2012 13:56
16th Dec 2012 13:56
"Well done anyway young lads! Never mind the defeat, it's a work in progress, a learning curve! We played good stuff in the second half a created some clear cut chances to score, a pity to not have nettet neither once. J. Ibe and Y. Baio stood out for me, but even Pelosi, Peterson and McGuire played a godd game! Keep going so lads and have a good comback trip! YNWA U18s Reds"
16th Dec 2012 15:00
"and ended up above the mancs."
16th Dec 2012 16:23
"Well done you young Reds!! and Remember YNWA"
16th Dec 2012 16:40
"Suarez ent the problem probably can be a bit more unselfish. THE PROBLEM is JOE ALLEN boy chasing men around, in barcelona small agile players work bcs their special players, a nissan micra can't do the same as a mini cooper, don't follow! Set trends"
16th Dec 2012 16:42
"PACHECO- bring him into the first teamm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
16th Dec 2012 17:18
"congrats young reds. doesnt matter if you lost, if you gave all your best thats what matters. YNWA"
16th Dec 2012 19:07
"I was there to witness our young lads doing us proud. they fought bravely especially towards the end of the match when we were still chasing the 1 goal deficit. everyone of them playing their hearts out donning our famous red."
16th Dec 2012 19:07
"when sporting score their 2nd goal on the 90th min, at the other end of the field, liverpool's number 7 adam morgan just fell to the ground. we can really feel his disappointment and his pride playing for LFC. Number 15 yalany Balo had a great game too. All the Best in the future guys. YNWA (Singapore Reds)"
16th Dec 2012 21:46
"at least u reached the final and tried your hearts out. well done and hope you enjoyed the experience and also learn from it. well done young redmen.YNWA"
17th Dec 2012 0:45
"Not necessarily terrible-it's the journey not the destination. Great youth squad for the future."
17th Dec 2012 1:50
"As one of only three who travelled to Lisbon (played in some town 45 euros in taxi to somewhere called Mafra) battered by Sporting last year in next Gen cup think we should learn how they produce such great players on a minimum budget."
17th Dec 2012 7:49
"Sporting Lisbon again eh? So who else of their squad do we need to buy before we'll beat the ers? :-)"