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fairdinkumate :: Sack Rodgers, He could not inspire a scorpion to sting Just becuase we lost yesterday after some very good performances? Wise up fella and SUPPORT instead of making pathetic comments. You're a disgrace to LFC.
16th Dec 2012 12:43
16th Dec 2012 12:53
"Time will tell if LFC job for Mr Rodgers one step forward too soon.."
Champions Of Europe
16th Dec 2012 14:10
"fairdinkumate, give it a rest. Either support the team & make constructive critical comments or go find the Mancs."
16th Dec 2012 14:13
"Heung Min Son, Keisuke Honda and Takashi Inui are the Far East talents which we should scout for january or next summer. Young, talented and hungry, just what we need!"
16th Dec 2012 16:00
"(un)fairdinkumate - Not really part of this story is it? LFC are apparently huge in Indonesia and the population there is over 100m! Surely we can find 2 or 3 decent players?"
16th Dec 2012 16:03
"Being bent over by standard chartered i see."
16th Dec 2012 17:26
"fairdinkumate, I'm guessing you were one of those "Champions League here we come" supporters last week, who just flip a switch at the slightest bad RESULT."
17th Dec 2012 0:06
"Let's buy Honda :)"
17th Dec 2012 6:22
"One things for sure they will fit Brendans idea of the perfect size for his `new way` ie 5`6"& 9 stone as is it is we have the smallest midfield & Attack in football , there are bigger schoolboy teams. "
17th Dec 2012 8:27
"If WHU want Carole why not throw Nolan in the loop. LFC ask for a fee plus Nolan. Nolan can take the weight off Stevie G. who can't play 2 games a week anymore. Nolan, a lifelong Red would bring a new freshness to the midfield."
17th Dec 2012 9:49
"great news. its about time we get a player from the middle east. from what i heard the singapore team had some great talent. and i thought maybe we should get 1 or 2 of them into the academy."
17th Dec 2012 13:45
"Players are needed on abilty not nationality. Would be glad to have 11 Asian players starting a game if they are of Liverpool FC qualiy. If they are not of quality do not buy. Players needed who get goals, keep clean sheets and win games, not players just to sell shirts."
18th Dec 2012 7:56
"We've had players like Jimmy Case and John Aldridge from Allerton but commercially it would certainly be beneficial in terms of shirt sales to have a top asian star. "
18th Dec 2012 9:39
"I think Park Ji Sung and Kagawa in the BPL and Bundesliga formerly, Nagatomo in the Serie A and Keisuke Honda (god I hope he signs for us) in Russia, have proven that these guys are more than just good for jersey sales. Honda in my opinion would be worth a bid, fantastic left foot and very well built and used to the European stage."