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Let's get it to no 1. I have pre-ordered it. JFT 96. YNWA
16th Dec 2012 11:26
16th Dec 2012 12:18
"Saw the video yesterday - stirring. I think it can get to the top. Deserves to, for all kinds oreasons but especially for the 96. YNWA"
16th Dec 2012 13:03
"Go out and buy it for everybody as an extra Christmas present!!"
16th Dec 2012 13:24
"pre-ordered mine, come on its a good cause, and we dont want J arthur thanks, he sounds like he got constipation "
17th Dec 2012 6:29
"I pre ordered mine and looking forward to it being delivered in the next few days. Knocking James Arthur and X Factor off the No1 provides extra motivation although it wont be easy, I'm sure Simon Cowell will have bought hundreds of thousands of copies! JFT 96 YNWA "
17th Dec 2012 7:59
"I often talk about "real" fans on here but let's get this straight. If you haven't spent 99p on this song by midnight, you not a fan, Infact, you are worse than a Manc. This includes all our international fans around the world. Get your Dollars, Yen, Peso spent."
17th Dec 2012 10:48
"I have tried texting Justice to 53600 from my irish phone and got message back saying the word justice is not recognised. I tried a 2nd time and got same message"
17th Dec 2012 11:59
"Bought 3 copies so far,more to follow..YNWA."
17th Dec 2012 13:40
" bought it from here lets get it to number one! JUSTICE FOR THE 96 - YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE"
17th Dec 2012 13:56
"Come on everyone!"
17th Dec 2012 14:16
"I ordered 6 copies from HMV (CD copies) as stocking fillers for Christmas, arrived today,beautiful,very emotional listening to it, come on everyone LFC fans and other fans and non fans, lets get it to No1. The families will always have our support, JFT96."
17th Dec 2012 14:17
"I ordered 6 copies from HMV (CD copies) as stocking fillers for Christmas, arrived today,beautiful,very emotional listening to it, come on everyone LFC fans and other fans and non fans, lets get it to No1. The families will always have our support, JFT96."
17th Dec 2012 14:26
"Just got it off iTunes. Come on reds, lets get this to no 1 for Christmas. JFT96. YNWA"
17th Dec 2012 15:57
"GOT IT !! "
17th Dec 2012 18:22
"that's great to hear the other clubs are playing it, number 1 for xmas JFT96"
17th Dec 2012 19:03
"I just downloaded it from Itunes in Canada. Where do I see it on what Chart in the UK? THANKS FOR THIS GREAT SONG, for all who had a part in making it.... 99p or 99cents is well worth the price. Thanks"
19th Dec 2012 10:52
"just bought on Amazon! JFT96 YNWA"
19th Dec 2012 14:45
"I am a massive music lover and hate Simon Cowell and his so called music talent format... Would dearly love to see the Justice single get to number 1 not just because of the message it sends out (the most important aspect) but to put one over Cowell and a victory for real music. YNWA"
19th Dec 2012 18:53
"C'mon everyone!"
20th Dec 2012 9:14
"it only costs 2 pound come on people of merseyside red and blue buy 5 or 10 each and make it number 1"
20th Dec 2012 9:16
"hmv 2 pound get out and buy it"
20th Dec 2012 9:22
"Don't forget to actually download the tune after buying via text message - apparently it's the actual download that counts towards sales figures not the original text"
20th Dec 2012 9:54
"Those who can afford it, download it more than once. Downloading three times is still less than a pint of beer. Would you buy a pint and raise a glass in memory of the 96? Thought so. #YNWA #LFC #JFT96 "
20th Dec 2012 10:38
"Already bought through iTunes. YNWA"
20th Dec 2012 10:39
"I have bought the single and downloaded it as well, couldn't think of a better cause, this has to be no 1 for Christmas. JFT 96"
20th Dec 2012 11:07
"Just bought it online at Amazon. God bless the 96 and their family. Merry Christmas to all LFC Fans, Players and Staff. May the season and new year bring our dear club good tidings."
20th Dec 2012 14:41
"Mine's on it's way, shame there's not a DVD version as it's very emotive. Thanks to all those that helped to make it so awesome & let's hope it raises lots of money to help the families. 96, we will never forget you...xx"
20th Dec 2012 15:57
"i live in South Africa and bought via IStore. Common all our fans outside UK....let's show our scouse brothers and sisters that our love for LFC extends further than our beloved football club."
20th Dec 2012 20:43
"just ordered mine,JFT 96. It is about time the FA is brought to justice for the part they played.YNWA"
22nd Dec 2012 9:10
"Just bought my copy on itunes. "