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he's a beast, what we would need to strenghten our defensive midfield, at that fee he's a no-brainer, it would be a dream-signing
3rd Dec 2012 13:16
3rd Dec 2012 13:19
"Ha ha, a player Kenny met with before he got the boot. Was coming on a free at the time. "
3rd Dec 2012 13:44
"Yes get him ,his the good back up player to Lucas dose his DMF so well n we could get him for free#"
3rd Dec 2012 13:45
"Agree with that! Our midfield could do with beefing up a bit!! Great option for the squad. "
3rd Dec 2012 13:50
"would be nice if true"
3rd Dec 2012 13:54
"I don't get why sometimes we seem to overlook the most obvious of signings who are strong and powerful, this for me would be a good addition to CM, Gerrard not getting any younger."
3rd Dec 2012 14:06
"He was on a free in the summer!! We don't need this guy anyhow... Forwards please!"
3rd Dec 2012 14:21
"Isn't this the same Diame Kenny had an agreement with in place to sign? But after the change in management he was no longer seen as an option?"
3rd Dec 2012 15:53
"the player is quality, great all round game. Although depends on the budget, priority must be to bring in a striker."
3rd Dec 2012 17:09
"not our priority area to strenghen but after striker is sorted would be a good addition for future and as back up to lucas"
3rd Dec 2012 18:09
"A lot of fans here said he was not good enough now he will be our nightmare come weekend."
4th Dec 2012 1:24
"Speculation was he was set to sign under Kenny this summer but then KK got sacked. Oh well, we shall see."
4th Dec 2012 1:40
"A joke! He already he agreed to join Liverpool in the summer on a free transfer before Kenny was sacked so why didn't the deal still go through then????? "
Papa Syed
4th Dec 2012 2:57
"Saw the goal against Cech...that was awesome! Give him a try since King Kenny tried to sign him earlier on!"
4th Dec 2012 7:52
"finally i feel like someone is reading my posts on Diame ..good news if we buy him ...we can always sell Joe Allen to Swans .."
4th Dec 2012 11:42
"He was free agent last summer transfer window and he is only 24 well he could have come to Anfield and instead of Allen LFC could have bought a stiker for not more than 15 millions that is the fee for Allen who is a good player but it a matter of giving priority to business."
4th Dec 2012 16:04
"we shld hev gotten him free"
4th Dec 2012 16:48
"Why didn't we get him for free from Wigan, was linked with us but we never made any follow up so why now, I hate these rumours."
4th Dec 2012 19:05
"wmraker how can you sell Allen back to Swans well for 15 millions Swans are not stupid may be they want to pay 3/4 millions just the same scenario with Carroll Liverpool will be lucky if they get 15 millions well that is Dalglish area and no money left because of Dalglish extravagent spendings."