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im not sure of sturridge no success at chelsea and poor for team gb in summer wouldnt be my choice ynwa
20th Nov 2012 12:08
20th Nov 2012 12:12
"Things are looking up if this is true YNWA "
20th Nov 2012 12:35
"sturridge is no better then broini more money wasted!"
20th Nov 2012 12:37
"Does that mean huntelaar or llorente are not even targets cause can anyone see fsg sanctioning a move for either of them if their planning to spend on sturridge!dont know if hes the answer to our problems up front!"
20th Nov 2012 12:45
"God I hope he turns us down! NOOOOOOOOO!Can't stand him. If he wasn't sulking about being played on the wing at Chelski then he was being selfish and wasting opportunities by refusing to pass to players in better positions. Sick of us being linked with average players.Look how Dempsey is doing at Spurs(not very well!). "
20th Nov 2012 12:52
"Why not stirridge. Hes much better than Borini, great technics,I would realy like to see him and Walcot in Liverpool"
20th Nov 2012 12:59
"as it's good being a little cautious about english players and ones who hasn't made it at their current club but I think Sturridge has great ability on the ball and and is a decent finisher. 11 in 30 prem apps last season mainly as a winger isn't bad and we need a winger who got goals in him."
20th Nov 2012 13:01
"Idea of Huntelaar or Llorrente in the middle is nice but not sure that if it will work that easily. We definately are getting the best out of Luis in the false 9 role and pacy and skillfull wingers with finishing ability alongside him could give us as much goals as an out and out poacher. "
20th Nov 2012 13:02
"Moscar.With respect it's not too difficult to be better than Borini! Why should we give Chelsea £15 mil for an average player so that they can go out and buy an awesome player like Falcao? This is all because the owners want sell on value (as Sturridge is so young)otherwise we would go all out for Huntelaar(aged 29)."
20th Nov 2012 13:05
"Sturridge fits that profile imo and still is a young player how can develop his tactical side of the game under BR and become a better all-around player. If BR decides to go for him I think it's because of these reasons and cause of the potential of him becoming a good player for years to come."
20th Nov 2012 13:39
"yeh i think Sturridge is good, versatile as he plays wide and through the middle. creative and has that bit of selfishness you need to get goals. hopefully doesnt cost too much or wants sky high wages, we have to be realistic about signings and Daniel has potential"
20th Nov 2012 14:43
"Personally, i'll go for Llorente or Huntelaar. Sturridge is not what we need for now."
Papa Syed
20th Nov 2012 14:58
"No Sturridge please...he's another Torres. Learn from mistakes please! Huntelaar my choice. Let Assaidi n Yesil play upfront with Suarez Sterling Suso Enrique Hendo."
20th Nov 2012 14:59
"he would not enthuse me neither in terms of scoring rate nor in terms of skills, anyway would be a decent addition although not first choice YNWA"
20th Nov 2012 15:04
"wow no good a london, he was sick all sumer, at least he raids the box and gets tap ins which we lost with kuyt amd maxi, he good in the air and can hit them from distance."
20th Nov 2012 15:06
"IMO Demba Ba is cheaper (£7m)and more prolific currently joint second in EPL (8 goals at 121.25 minutes/goal) compare this with L.Suarez at 10 goals and 107.7 minutes/goal and RVP at 8 goals and 117.25 minutes/goal!"
20th Nov 2012 16:15
"Well i think that is dowm to the fact that they bpught torres and never gave sturridge a chance I think if we do get him BR will nurture him and teach him the way the anfield way so get him in and give him a chance ok .Oh and by th way good bye torre "
20th Nov 2012 17:02
"Daniel sturridge fits our transfer policy, young-British - expensive -and -rubbish. Stop buying Chelsea's rejected. How small his B Rogers horizon, can't hi see further than Chelsea and Swansea "
20th Nov 2012 17:06
"Sturridge for some reason is not cutting it at Chelsea. But he seems to show quality. He is as old as Borini. Perhaps we sell Borini to fund Sturridge in that case."
20th Nov 2012 17:15
"why not Pato from AC milan?"
20th Nov 2012 17:23
"Bring back torres and alonso.... And lfc will rock again...."
20th Nov 2012 17:27
"15 millions for this player... is lfc staff crazy... we haven't learned from our mistake... buying average for high price and wanting top team.... average players = average team... with good coach, we can expect to be in the top 6 but never we will be in the top 4....."
20th Nov 2012 17:41
"L-MAN07. There are no possibility to buy Falcao, You know that, for me Sturridge is not average, but I agree about his tactical side. Horrible. As I see Theo is going nowhere,but Demba Ba is reliable goalscorer.Hopefully we will not repeat last summer. RED TILL THE END"
20th Nov 2012 19:46
20th Nov 2012 20:26
"We don't want Sturridge. End of. Not for £15 mill. Not for free. "
10 gd
20th Nov 2012 23:21
"Sturridge não estaríamos a cometer um grande erro não tem qualidade para estar no LIVERPOOL"
21st Nov 2012 2:02
"Would he play upfront? I doubt it,,we still need a centre forward,,would go for ba seeing as he's a proven premier league striker and wouldn't be too expensive,,borini will only improve,,he does make very dangerous runs behind the defence,,give him a few years and he could become a star!!! maybe even a cheeky bid for dzeko,,the guy can finish!! "
21st Nov 2012 2:08
"We need someone who can put the ball in the net. Suarez can't do it alone ( although he tries ) How many goals has Sturridge scored in the league this season ? I know how many he missed last Saturday !"
pin tio
21st Nov 2012 8:14
"Indonesia WOULD BE very appreciated if TORRES stand in LFC Starting IX again. Torres is frustated with his periode in "the blues" , he will be very kindful if gerrard pursuade for him back to "the reds". Sturridge in 2nd Option for me."
21st Nov 2012 22:41
"Hope this story is false! Sturridge cant get into the chelsea team,what use would he be to us? Im not going to start to name names like some fans,ill leave the decesion to BR and his team. But surely we can do better than Sturridge?"
21st Nov 2012 23:53
"get SHANE LONG.Should have got him earlier. "
22nd Nov 2012 6:24
"Looking at the present form of L.F.C, i don't think we need sturigge. We need a better inform striker."
22nd Nov 2012 12:36
"Might be worth buying if we had our main striker problem sorted but he's definately not the answer to move us up the table after January. We need someone to hit the ground running and get goals with Suarez. I agree Sturridge can be good for future but will he be happy here only being a squad player?"
23rd Nov 2012 9:13
"Mr Rogers, I will still treat this as a joke. What? Go waste money again on an English player when we are already struggling with some here. Do we have scouts? Do they only watch premiership? How many of the best players in the league are English?"