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who else could have been, if not the one and only Captain fantastic. YNWA!
20th Nov 2012 8:57
20th Nov 2012 9:42
"Stevie G the greatest Liverpool FC player of all time."
20th Nov 2012 10:18
"Good lads, with appreciation to the one of the best English world greatest footballer. I can see this team going forward real quick, we just need a few changes, with new faces in, and transform this team to take us to our old glorious days. I become a fan of this team 10 years ago as a 13 years old, now I'm turning 23 this month. #YNWA #LFC"
20th Nov 2012 10:32
"Excellent words of appreciation and graude by Suso to Stevie as a role model and to Dani Pacheco as mate and friend! Well done ! Keep working hard and keep learning from your eldest mates! YNWA JFS Suso!!"
20th Nov 2012 11:01
"Isn't Jole Cole better than Messi in training though Stevie? Great player you are Stevie, great servant but you have come out with a few bloopers before. Time will tell I guess "
20th Nov 2012 11:03
"Apologies. Half focussing on my work, re-read the article. Suso praising Stevie. Dohhh!"
Gerrard o ya beauty
20th Nov 2012 12:51
"The greatest player EVER not to have won a league winners medal, such a shame! But on the other hand, the most loyal player EVER to wear a liverpool shirt! YNWA "
20th Nov 2012 12:52
"its guna be impossible to replace gerrard when he retires until then keep going captain fantastic"
20th Nov 2012 13:05
"Agree with you Suso but you need to fill out a bit more so that you don't get knocked off the ball easily. Great start to your LFC career though and in a few years we will be singing the same praises as we do for Stevie G.YNWA"
20th Nov 2012 13:07
"Gerrard o ya beauty I think Calli amonst a few player are in the same category for loyalty to the club. Calli played over 800 games over a period of 18 years.YNWA "
20th Nov 2012 14:01
"if suso become like STevie We will rule europe once again "
20th Nov 2012 16:07
"A great praise from FUTURE'S BEST MIDFIELD PLAYER to the GREATEST MIDFIELD PLAYER OF ENGLAND & inarguably in the list of TOP 3 WORLD'S BEST MIDFIELD PLAYERs OF LAST 15YRS. I think STEVIE is THE COMPLETE MIDFIELD PLAYER OF MODERN TIMES that every other young midfield player wants to follow.Yest wilshere,2dy suso.. I hope suso also becomes best midfield player in nxt few yrs & help us rule europe"
Gerrard o ya beauty
20th Nov 2012 16:13
"LFC1958- fair point, both are such legends and true gentlemen to our great club YNWA "
20th Nov 2012 23:32
"Unqeustioned Gerrad is the role model of everyone in that camp"
20th Nov 2012 23:34
"Gerrad is the role model of everyone in the camp"
20th Nov 2012 23:34
"Gerrad is the role model of everyone in the camp"
20th Nov 2012 23:36
"Gerrad is the role model of everyone in the camp"