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yeah sure. even better
20th Nov 2012 8:49
20th Nov 2012 9:05
"He is a sheer Genious... "
Super man
20th Nov 2012 9:05
"Continue your good work luis and well done."
20th Nov 2012 9:09
"you know when mr ferguson has it in for him that he is extra special. old red can see the similarity between suarez and the effect cantona had on utd getting their first le in 26 years."
20th Nov 2012 9:18
"jeeez could you imagine having Fowler and Luis playing together...oooh"
20th Nov 2012 9:21
"His name is Suarez, Luis Suarez, He plays his football for Liverpool, wears number 7, He's football heaven, please don't take my Luis away......To the tune of "you are my sunshine""
20th Nov 2012 9:35
"Fowler was the most brilliant finisher i have ever seen! However i think Suarez is the better player."
20th Nov 2012 9:54
"IF Luis stays for another 3 years and carries on at a similar level he will go down in my books as THE best ever. He is the most complete striker in English football by far. Has pace,strength,ability to beat defenders,abiltiy to make something out of nothing,is good one on one,can score with either foot,can head the ball,pick a pass.What more can you say?? "
20th Nov 2012 10:11
"Nuff said, and i'm 100% behind your word senior player with " I think what he does in our team and what he gives us no other player really could." This is so true.® #YNWA #LFC"
20th Nov 2012 10:12
"Enough said, and i'm 100% behind your word senior player with " I think what he does in our team and what he gives us no other player really could." This is so true.® #YNWA #LFC"
20th Nov 2012 10:17
"Completely different type of players.Each awesome in their own way! BR,please DO NOT buy Sturridge!!"
20th Nov 2012 10:19
"Think he need a few seasons to get into that bracket, then who knows hope he gets into the same league as Ian Rush and Roger Hunt, now that would be something, and be nice to have at LFC "
20th Nov 2012 10:22
"think that in terms of scoring rate probably God is by far superior to Luis, but in terms of skill, tricks and assists Luis is by far the best striker who we have ever had from King Kenny and Mighty Mouse's times, I am totally sure."
20th Nov 2012 10:29
"Superb stat.... 34 goals in 69 apps.... Could improve though. Now Fernando Torres has 18 goals in 86 apps for Chelsea... Hahahaha... And he isn't happy... Liverpool is home.... #YNWA"
20th Nov 2012 10:33
"No way. Not even close yet. Fowler isn't called "God" for nothing. Plus Robbie is scouse,so is super human."
20th Nov 2012 10:35
"Not yet . If he continues his scoring over the next 4-5 seasons then why not"
20th Nov 2012 10:48
"Was just thinking l-man, hes a wooden one , major mistake if it happens but id guess its just paper talk.Like the idea of rossi though hes different class. No chance of huntelaar he wont come to us."
20th Nov 2012 11:00
"Saurez is the only good thing about Liverpool right now. Torres is miserable at Chelsea, let get him back. please no Sturridge"
20th Nov 2012 11:03
"Suarez is a goal scorer idol in LFC. LFC should get a points man to play ahead of Suarez an see the best of him on free roles with fantastic goals to come. REDS DON FUNSHO Nigeria"
20th Nov 2012 11:17
"suarez is a top player but fowler is god "
20th Nov 2012 11:24
"Be interesting to see if the Janman, hired to fill Louie's gaps, can score as well."
20th Nov 2012 11:51
"We should bite the bullet and bring Torres home. His move to Chelksi has been nothing short of disaster. The boy looks forlorn and must be wishing he had never made such a stupid move. I still don't know what he was thinking as it was obvious that Chelsea was not an ideal team for his qualities. He was never going to oust Drogba and the clique. Come home son!"
20th Nov 2012 12:00
"Buddha- I disagree. Although secretly I'll take him back, bringing Torres would be a huge risk for the club. It could go two ways..either Suarez and Gerrard gets the best out of him and he returns to his lethal self..or he proves to be a striker in decline. I just think injuries have taken its toll on the poor fella..I think a return to Spain is best for him."
20th Nov 2012 12:02
"We should also stay well clear of Sturridge. Sturridge thinks he's something he is not and is beyond selfish. We don't need him here. Three Words...Llorente and Walcott."
20th Nov 2012 12:05
"In terms of this article..though I have a man crush on Suarez lol. He's nowhere near Fowler's status. I agree with some, within 2-3 years if he continues to play how he is..he could become one of the best. Great compliment from Carra though."
20th Nov 2012 12:12
"Fowler was the greatest finisher ever and a fantastic team player. A few more years to prove himself and he'll definately be up there."
20th Nov 2012 12:25
"Forget Torres; he submitted a transfer request. He wanted to leave.Let's look forward e.g. Wilfried Bony and those strikers mentioned before to make Suarez a true LFC legend."
Billy B girl
20th Nov 2012 12:44
20th Nov 2012 12:49
"sturidge couldnt hit the floor if he fell on it hes useless if we can get torres back take him on loan till the end of the season him and suarez up front would be boss"
20th Nov 2012 12:53
"I love Fowler to bits but Suarez is better imo. RB had the luxury of playing alongside players like Macca, owen, barnes, p berger, litmannem. The list is endless. "
20th Nov 2012 12:54
"Suarez :) YNWA!"
20th Nov 2012 12:58
"Luis has a way to go yet before being compared to God. He has the attributes though and the next few years will give him a God like status at LFC if he carries on as he has been doing.YNWA"
20th Nov 2012 13:00
"Let's make those 10 goals go up to 30 by the end of the season, OK? YNWA!!"
20th Nov 2012 13:01
"LucasDaWarrior1 I think Torres would compliment Luis as he not tend to sit in the Pen area more which is where we are lacking a lethal finisher apart from Luis. Luis could someday be banned or injured and thats when we need a natural goal scorer.YNWA"
20th Nov 2012 13:11
"Suarez and Fowler are the only two worth mentioning. "
20th Nov 2012 13:12
"And we treasure him folks ! YNWA"
20th Nov 2012 13:37
"Us older supporters realise that Suarez is not up there with Fowler yet. If he stays with our club and we can get back to the top then he will be a legend. YNWA"
20th Nov 2012 13:38
"No doubt about it Suarez is up there with the best but the one season wonder of Torress is not IMO in that group"
20th Nov 2012 13:38
"Not at Fowler's level yet, anyone who says otherwise obviously never saw Fowler play for us, or only saw Fowler's second spell and think that was the only time he played for us, like the fans who think Dalglish's second spell as manager was the only time he was manager"
20th Nov 2012 13:44
"He's the most exciting player in the prem and if we get him some help in Jan then we are headed high up the table."
20th Nov 2012 14:13
"We need a new 'Torres' not the old one. If he wants to come back it will divide our support at Anfield, he will get a mixture of boos and praise, that is not what our club is about. We must always maintain our solidarity. Get who ever you think is best for our club BR, this fan is right behind you! "
20th Nov 2012 14:14
"Suarez - the fact ur getting mentioned in fowler's name tells you that you have something special to aim for, the KOP awaits the next legend! Keep fighting the cause, im sure with you firing on all cylinders it will attract some top names to join our club and re-build our fortress - YNWA"
20th Nov 2012 14:18
"LFC1958- I hear what you're saying..but IMO I just don't think Torres will ever be that player that us fans fell in love with again."
20th Nov 2012 14:23
"Our early season form seems to have improved.Funnily enough after Borini was dropped and then got injured. I'm not sure BR has an eye for a player TBH. Maybe we could go all out for a loan move for Torres.I think Pepe would cheer him up!Then strengthen in the summer."
20th Nov 2012 14:30
"he is great but still think the GOD was better because he was a better finisher"
20th Nov 2012 14:32
"He is going to get better and better AND HE IS OURS! Make sure he stays ours for a very long time! We love you Luis! YNWA!"
Papa Syed
20th Nov 2012 14:32
"Agree that Luis will be a magnet to attract classy players to join LFC. He should honour d contract as to Stevie G n Carra did since day 1. Another 3 cycles, we will see more thropies to add to the relentless list of thropies in hand. If Luis were to leave then our dreams will die and say hello to the championships!"
Papa Syed
20th Nov 2012 14:39
"BTW, David Beckham anyone???? LOL!"
20th Nov 2012 14:39
"Not Yet. But I hope he will"
20th Nov 2012 15:01
"Suarez is a much better all round player. Fowler was an excellent finisher. But what else did he have?"
20th Nov 2012 15:12
"How much more dangerous is Luis now he is able to stay closer to the box!! With Raheem and now Jose feeding him from the wings he can afford to staycloser to the goal and torment defences. Jose may also have got the taste for a goal so another avenue may have opened"
20th Nov 2012 15:25
"stratoscouser 20th Nov 2012 10:33 I am actually offended by this does the fact that I am not from the Merseyside make me less of a Liverpool FC supporter please don't embarrass my beloved club and supporters. As for Suarez he shelved together with Fowler yet but if Luis stays loyal and in top form, he soon will be YNWA"
20th Nov 2012 15:45
"Not quite yet.......But he's getting there"
20th Nov 2012 15:55
"Certainly more talented. He has got a long way until he reaches the rank of 'God' but definately has the potential."
20th Nov 2012 15:55
"God has been the best forward of the last 20. years for me! Luis is to be come on a good way also there! ;)"
20th Nov 2012 16:05
"grab that FA Cup for us el pistolero!"
20th Nov 2012 16:10
"Buddha131305 20th Nov 2012 11:51, Couldn't agree more Bud!!! "
20th Nov 2012 16:14
"All fantastic and brilliant and unique in their own way, Suarez i think was better than Fowler because of his sucess at International level as well as club level, again that's where Torres has the edge as well but I believe they are all genius's. Don't forget Garcia though! "
20th Nov 2012 16:32
"He is playing great at the moment and stayi ng on his feet ( might as well, he'd need to be hit by a truck to get a penalty , even then the ref would probably say he jumped in front of it )"
20th Nov 2012 16:35
"I would like to see Tores team up with Luis. Not a big fan of Sturridge."
20th Nov 2012 16:43
"Who else would actually take that traitor back to team up with Suarez? I'm not sure if I would. I don't know if it's me put he seems to have put on a bit more muscle since he's been at Chelsea. Seems to have hindered his movement, pace and balance, or am I the only one who sees this? "
20th Nov 2012 16:44
"I can fully understand the reservations of having Torres back because his exit was not dignified. But we have welcomed people back when they have left, Rush, Fowler, KK, etc We embraced players sworn enemies like Ince, so I am confident if Torres came back and was effective some fans intransigent stances will soften. Torres and Suarez in tandem would be a mouth watering prospect"
20th Nov 2012 16:45
"Suarez, Great skill, great player. As for goal scoring and finishing........FOWLER all day long. Would have loved to have seen them play together."
Gerrard o ya beauty
20th Nov 2012 16:53
"I love them both, but it's impossible to say who's best if they both play or played for your team. It's like Gerrard and Dalglish you can't say who's best. Both are amazingly talented players! I agree with some that Suarez has to stay for atleast another 3 years to be compared to God! YNWA "
20th Nov 2012 17:06
"Yes, how easy it is to forget that this squad is still only at its very early stages of development - in Brendan we trust!"
20th Nov 2012 17:17
"Buddha131305 - I'd love to agree with you, I miss seeing El Nino on our turf. I travel up from London every weekend there's a match on at Anfield and was so exciting to see him play compared to most. BUT there is a massive difference in welcoming back a man that once embraced our club moto then tore it apart by calling chelsea a bigger club and saying he's much much happier there. "
20th Nov 2012 17:21
"Fowler / Ince / KK â"
20th Nov 2012 17:22
"Fowler / Ince / KK they are in our hearts coz they have respect, even Ince who played passionately against us I respect that, you should play with passion against your opposition and he wanted to come to us and did, he was torres to utd, you think theyâ"
20th Nov 2012 17:25
"you think they'd take him back? Weâ"
20th Nov 2012 17:27
"you think they'd take him back Weâ"
20th Nov 2012 17:29
"you think theyd take him back Wed call all utd supporters shallow if they did I dont want that for our club same with owen disgraceful sorry for multiple posts seems this site cant handle certain characters"
20th Nov 2012 17:35
"LFCYNWALFC, Whilst I agree his words when he left was not desirable, but what was he supposed to say. Anyone joining a new club has to wax lyrical about them or what's the point leaving. He felt he was let down by LFC when they appointed RH and didn't back him with the funds necessary. I think he was upset over Rafa leaving but that's a long story. "
20th Nov 2012 17:38
"Most people in all walks of life would leave a job if they felt they had better prospect elsewhere. Now its up to the individual to determine what they feel is a better position. Its only in sports where someone taking these everyday decisions are then subjected to derision. Although, I felt Torres departure was sad and lamentable, cont.."
20th Nov 2012 17:41
"I don't think its prudent to hold a grudge to the point of cutting off our noses to spite our faces, when he could possibly be the answer to our turmoil. I for one would love to see him and Suarez together and he would certainly be better value than Sturridge. "
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 17:45
"His armband said he was a red He lied he lied They burned his shirt as if he were dead He cried He cried We bought the lad from sunny spain He Sold himself for personal gain Fernando Torres Liverpools ex number 9 joking aside Ive forgiven forgiven him but lets not let sentiment cloud our judgement. "
20th Nov 2012 17:50
"I hope I come round to your way of thinking Bhudda, I really do coz it hurts me to hate him but the only way I could accept him back is if he gave a press conference said he was sorry for belittling our club which he did (coz how are they bigger than us, except financially?!) and that he made a mistake and wants to come back home, then I'd have no issues, just dont do it again"
20th Nov 2012 17:56
"REDAHEAD- That was funny!"
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 17:58
"Buddha - I can agree with you to a point - He regrets the decision to leave and I think he would pay us back for our heartache. The only thing is I cant see the point of building a team around him for him to be gone in 18months when we need that final push for the le."
20th Nov 2012 17:59
"PLease MR brendan don't buy soeone who is making bench on another team. Sturridge is not natural in his play, sometimes selfish and complain too much. don't bur a player who will break lfc momentun that sterling ans suso and the others are creating. HOPE you understand LFC fans opinion. Don't make mistake daglish would have done"
Red Yank 1969
20th Nov 2012 17:59
"never heard anything good about sturridge...being from the states..started following Liverpool in 2008...first shirt pruchased was a Torres jersey...quite upset that he left, alot of anger and frustration...was looking forward to the Torres and Suarez show...mixed feelings...can we afford it...YNWA"
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 18:01
"LDW - if you want any more comical songs writing then let me know. I was going to write one about our friend Buddha but I'm concentrating on his story 1st(The rise and fall of an evil dictator and self confessed oracle. Part 2 coming up on Sat.if you missed Part1 Ani Rd will fill you in."
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 18:09
"Silly me - when I said writing, I actually meant ghost writing. Its a true story."
20th Nov 2012 18:44
"lets face it Torres left us because he thought he could win things wit them...and he did, I call him Judas etc like everyone else but I'd take him back at the right price, but it's back to Spain for him think."
20th Nov 2012 18:47
"forget Sturrige and get Shane Long."
20th Nov 2012 19:03
"Lucas has told Brendan to get Damiao, now we're talkin"
20th Nov 2012 19:06
"So true!"
20th Nov 2012 19:16
20th Nov 2012 19:32
"Carra knows trust him Y.N.W.A. "
20th Nov 2012 19:50
"All the tell tail signs of great man management there Cara lad, got to agree with you mate. Also think he is a proper no7!"
20th Nov 2012 20:15
"It is a difficult one but for me it now has to be Suarez. The other 3 (with respect) were playing in far superior sides. We just need somebody quality to play alongside him and we really are in business!!"
20th Nov 2012 23:08
"suarez probably a bit better technically but robbie fowler is one of the best finishers in the prem ever"
20th Nov 2012 23:12
"on the whole torres thing, i would certainly welcome him back if it was a good deal for us. an out and out forward to compliment suarez's busy roaming nature. if you ask me, i think torres was forced out of the club for the huge fee. torres himself says people dont know the whole story and its clear his heart was and still seems to be with lfc."
20th Nov 2012 23:54
"Buddha131305 20th Nov 2012 17:41, I feel you are right about Torres remarks, most folk can be taken out of context at times, I also feel that He mean't bigger in terms of ambition and how could any disagree that Chelsea have been signing good players and are a much more ambitious club than us. "
20th Nov 2012 23:58
"I mean that Chelsea's owners are keenly ambitious, whereas our owners are most definitely anything but ambitious. They patronise us fans and take us for granted."
21st Nov 2012 1:39
"El Pistolero is out of this world. Wouldn't swap him for any other striker in the world."
21st Nov 2012 6:07
"Noooooooo! Suarez has great talent and offcourse he's class for us.But let him play for us for 10 years and then see if he's up there with GOD !!!"
21st Nov 2012 6:43
"All accolades on Suarez aside, all other players in the team also has huge responsibility to ensure Suarez stays with Liverpool till he retires as a legend and that to raise their game as well to be able to compete in the ECL next season. Get going lads..YNWA "
21st Nov 2012 7:34
"Liverpool fans are renowned for their morals and principles. Too me it is what makes the fans the best, not like fickle United fans shouting "if you all hate scousers..... Then chanting Rooney the next min. Many clubs have fickle supporters, we don't! "
21st Nov 2012 7:36
"You do get many fans who challenge the morals and principles on these pages. They are no worse supporter and given respect. People challenge many other peoples perception of Kenny who goes down in LFC folklore as a hero regardless of a average 2011/12 season. "
21st Nov 2012 7:37
"Then people challenge whether Fernando Torres should come back (even citing others who have left but returned) The massive difference was some left on good terms and with the best wishes of the fans, others leave with a bitter taste having told a load of bull previously and then slate the club after leaving. Big difference. "
21st Nov 2012 7:38
"We could put our pride aside and i'm sure if Torres did come back all soon would be forgotten. But I am sure at present most fans would say 'nah, we don't wan't him and don't need that Chelsea Rent boy back'. "
21st Nov 2012 7:43
"There are many other strikers about, yes it was magical those couple of seasons Torres when he was possibly the best forward in the world and he was truly loved but he made a decision to leave so on his back be it. "
21st Nov 2012 7:44
"Personally, I can't see him coming back, I think he will go back to Spain although nothing surprises me in football anymore. "
21st Nov 2012 7:44
"Oh and the compasrrison to football to the working man. I have left companies and had a works party, I have also left with a bitter taste and would never go back cap in hand and know the employer wouldn't wan't me back if I had been ging them off to trade insiders. Essay done for the day. Bid you all well ;)"