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Quality wide attacker, but I lost sight of him since he left Barcelona, so I don't know how he is performing. Anyway he could be a decent alternative to Mertens and Tello... let's have a thought on him!
19th Nov 2012 13:51
19th Nov 2012 14:34
"Quality player and if he costs under 12M, I say go get him. "
19th Nov 2012 14:35
"Well thought through article. Barcelona reject can't get a game at Sporting Lisbon must be a viable option for Liverpool. People should have their internet access revoked for putting nonsense like this online."
19th Nov 2012 15:02
"I'd love to see more than one Suarez in the team."
19th Nov 2012 15:38
"Namesake? SuaRez or Suarrez"
19th Nov 2012 17:29
"This story seems a little bit more believable than others I've recently read."
19th Nov 2012 17:31
"he is catching the eye of portuguese! where does it say he's not playing? (only1cloggs). he must be doing something good or why would it say that. nd why would our scouts be giving good feed back?"
19th Nov 2012 17:50
"I reckon Alexandre Pato would be a perfect striker option. Fallen out of favour a bit at Milan which should lower the price and I believe he's still only 23. A wnderful player who maybe needs a change to get his spark back. "
19th Nov 2012 19:21
"Love all this speculation, we must have been linked with every forward and winger in Europe since September. I was a massive doubter about Cavani until today when I saw the interview from the chairman but the bit about the fans liking it makes me wonder..... "
19th Nov 2012 19:59
"i think Pato and torres would be good purchase for liverpool. Liorente has not socred a lot this year. I think torres will be glad to be back, playing with the likes of gerrard, sterling, suso, suarez. chelsea doesn't fit torres style."
19th Nov 2012 20:02
"Chelsea buying torres, was satisfying a rich man ego. Even the coach of chelsea knew that torres was not the type of stricker they needed..."
19th Nov 2012 20:10
"Abel Hernandez please... Uruguayan, young and quality............... "
19th Nov 2012 20:57
"Anywhere else but not another Italian. There have gossips about Rosi (Man United reject). Please BR don't bring another Borini."
19th Nov 2012 21:45
"him and m.suares to play alongside luis would give refs and fa nightmares who they punish on the bad side we'd never get a penalty"
20th Nov 2012 0:49
"what happened to our main target...Huntelaar ???"
Papa Syed
20th Nov 2012 6:06
"Not sure about this Suarez No. 2. Sounds interesting but...."
20th Nov 2012 10:06
"Ricky van Wolfswinkel.... "
20th Nov 2012 13:45
"i like the idea of Pato, but seems a bit far fetched. Torres coming back would be great but not sure that could happen either. dont know much about Jeffren so hopefully if its true Brendan knows what hes doing. I have a lot of support for our manager and really believe in the work hes doing, hes been brilliant"