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Credit to Pepe who recognises the talent and the commitment of Luis and Brad. This is called team spirit!
19th Nov 2012 10:53
19th Nov 2012 15:55
"Rosso, do you have a life? You seem obsessed with getting on the boards first even though your comments are invariably without content or insight."
Papa Syed
20th Nov 2012 6:23
20th Nov 2012 13:47
"was great to have Pepe back between the sticks, being out of the team will no doubt have made him appreciate being back, he's been trying to get that top form back, still world class for me. and Brad did great wen he covered so he prob knows there is genuine competition there for him"
20th Nov 2012 14:22
"Reina: "We haven't been as good at home as we want to be but the supporters have always stayed right behind us." RATHER SAY: WE HAVEN'T BEEN GOOD BOTH AT HOME AND AWAY FROM HOME"