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I don't know him, but if he is an interesting prospect why not get him? He's besides a lot young and this does not waste. So I say yes!
19th Nov 2012 10:47
19th Nov 2012 11:11
"PROVEN GOALSCORER REQUIRED!!If Suarez gets injured we're in deep s**t as we don't have anyone else who scores the chances made.Defence and midfield wise we're pretty strong,it's the problem of scoring goals that has cost us many point's this season and last. "
19th Nov 2012 11:58
"better defenders out their then this lad he can't get in the reading team what does that tell you.."
19th Nov 2012 12:06
"Jog on can't get in their team so we don't want him."
19th Nov 2012 12:16
"this says it all abourt Brendan Rodgers.. buying player who cant get into lower quality teams and expecting them to do well for us when we need top class players to move us forward... he isnt capable of finding top class players... "
19th Nov 2012 12:58
"We already have Agger,Skrtel,Coates Carra,Wisdom and Kelly. Put the money towards a world class striker. Man Ure have 4 world class strikers which is why they are where they are."
19th Nov 2012 13:17
"3rd choice defender at Reading... Really is he good enough for LFC??"
19th Nov 2012 13:43
"Jezero - what a fool for not reading this and laughing. You really think Brendan wants this guy? Reporters keep their jobs cos of gullible fans like you"
19th Nov 2012 14:35
"No thanks!"
19th Nov 2012 14:36
"Jezero - Watch Being Liverpool and it will change you're opinions about BR. This is just media crap that pathetic fans like yourself tend to believe in! "
19th Nov 2012 15:56
"Lets just get a top quality striker in first. Spend no money on any other position until we get the best striker we can get."
19th Nov 2012 17:24
"More garbage?"
19th Nov 2012 17:25
"I meant 'garbage' regarding the story by the way!!!"
19th Nov 2012 17:30
"24 and can't get in the Reading team ? Oh well, Brendan knows best. Or it's just another rumour."
19th Nov 2012 18:20
"no thanx not more flops if he's bin replacd by btter players than him in a lowr club as reading..."
19th Nov 2012 18:27
"rodgers better not buy dis guy "
19th Nov 2012 19:29
"Ha has been displaced by Adrian Mariappa and now Sean Morrison in the heart of the Royals' defence. Dont worry though, he is still good enough for the Liverpool defence. Jog on. Who writes this nonsense. Like we are going to take a player on that cant get in the Reading team. "
20th Nov 2012 2:44
"Oh please...... Look up BR, don't look down......"
Papa Syed
20th Nov 2012 6:15
"This guy is down the pecking why need him??? Skrtel, Enrique, Agger, Carra, Kelly, Wisdom?????"
20th Nov 2012 7:09
"We can do better than this. Sorry Brendan, but how have your 'other' buys worked out. Allen, for all his passing and work rate seems to flounder when under pressure, up against real quality or someone physical. Looked bad against Everton! And Borini??? Maybe you should look at players you haven't been associated with??? Real quality from real quality teams!"
20th Nov 2012 8:29
"What!!! I would rather sign stuart pearce"
20th Nov 2012 13:49
"i think the fact he doesnt get in the Reading team has more to it than we think. perhaps its a system thing and Brendan feels he'd suit us best and he'd be able to develop him better. having sed that what does it mean for our other younger CBs, someones gonna go?"
22nd Nov 2012 19:05
"Oh talk sense daily rags. If he can't command a first team place at Reading, how the hell can he be good enough for us? This is ouright stupid talk by fleet st clowns."