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I say no even though the player has a brilliant talent, unfortunately he's still seriously injured and steadily injury prone, it would be a too much risky business and we would risk to waste uselessly a decent amount of money. But last word has got BR...
19th Nov 2012 10:10
19th Nov 2012 11:52
"good player but we can't aford to wait till march that would be stupid.."
19th Nov 2012 12:05
"no thanks and no thanks"
19th Nov 2012 12:11
"Havent we learnt from Aquaman ?????"
19th Nov 2012 13:24
"rosso76, I appreciate your commitment as a fan, but is it really worth it to bother yourself with every gossip that comes up to this site :D a lot of these rumours are mostly made-up stories and not even a serious speculation. it's one those times of the year that every player is linked with us. "
19th Nov 2012 13:27
"Hope this is not true we have bought enough players with injuries in the past and this is not the player we should be looking at anyway if you atre considering him Brendan go to another club cause we have had enough of these type of players."
19th Nov 2012 13:30
"cont mind you it is speculation in the Daily Mail who always spout crap so i dont believeit anyway."
19th Nov 2012 13:34
"This is lazy, made up reporting. Just picked a player and added BR quotes so that gullable fans can make comments. "
19th Nov 2012 14:57
19th Nov 2012 15:59
"Injured players??? Is that the best we can hope for? We are only a couple of top quality goal scorers away from being actual challengers. What ia it with all this bargain basement nonsense?"
19th Nov 2012 16:12
"we already have borini and he is injured.need to get a prolific goalscorer to assist suarez.get huntelaar,soldado or cavani. play johnson and enrique in midfield.look at how they played."
19th Nov 2012 17:23
"From the outside looking in, this story seems to be GARBAGE!!!"
19th Nov 2012 17:30
"Manure loaned him to Newcastle, they didnt even play him because he was crap, Fergie hit the roof and recalled him ASAP, if the Toon didnt even play him on loan why the hell do we want him!"
20th Nov 2012 0:56
"If we are also getting another top striker in January who can go straight into the team, I say get him in. He is proven quality. Who is to say that we could not get in Demba Ba, Rossi (both very affordable) as well as a Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, an Edinson Cavani or a Neymar? Our competition make sure to have upto four top strikers jostling for places upfront for a good reason."
20th Nov 2012 1:00
"I see that somebody has not been following Rossi during his time in Spain, where he has done very well. Also, remember what one manager said of Demba Ba before rejecting the chance to buy him? Something about bad knees."
20th Nov 2012 2:48
"Again??? another medicre??? Aqualiani was brought in with injury so as Andy Carroll. Didn't we learnt anything here?"
Papa Syed
20th Nov 2012 6:20
"Aquaman....AC....why bring in another crocked player???? That's it. Full stop!"
20th Nov 2012 7:12
"Like Rossi but...hasn't played for 13 months + and won't be available until March??? We'll fe floundering by then! Did we not see what happened when we last bought in injured players? Aquilani for example?"
20th Nov 2012 8:47
"we need goal machine like huntelaar or cavani..dont buy injury prone.."
20th Nov 2012 13:50
"have to agree with some comments on here about signing injured players, we want players hitting the ground running from the start as the gaffer says the squad is thin!"
20th Nov 2012 17:24
"I say no! we need a stricker up and running already, not an injured stricker"
pin tio
21st Nov 2012 8:20
"Rossi Will Encomplete the rodgers football tactics cuz he is a ball passer and a good ball possesion player with a good foot. but strikers are the most important for us urgently."
22nd Nov 2012 13:17
"With the serious injury he has its not worth risking buying him now."
22nd Nov 2012 17:48
"Go get Huntelaar and Dalmiao plus Sturridge on loan with option to buy in summer."